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How to Identify a Qualified Solar Electric Contractor

Finding a qualified solar electric contractor might take more work than people think. Solar energy is no longer so niche that people have a limited range of choices for solar panel contractors. There are going to be some people who enter the field without enough knowledge and expertise now. People who are interested in solar panels Atlanta will need to find the right solar electric contractor.

Using the Right Sources to Find a Solar Electric Contractor. 

Solar panel contractors often connect with one another. People who are heavily involved with the field will spend a good portion of their time trying to help people identify the right solar electric contractor. As such, people really don’t have to start from scratch in this way.

Going to the Geostellar and EnergySage online solar marketplaces can help people narrow down the search. These sources will also be able to give people a wide range of additional resources that will help them with the solar panel installation process in general.

There are also communities online full of people who are enthusiastic about solar energy and who have had professional solar panel installation previously. These people might be able to advise new individuals who are looking for solar panel contractors.

Doing Research on Individual Solar Contractors

In some ways, choosing a qualified solar electric contractor isn’t that different from hiring other contractors. People in the modern world will always look back and try to get a sense of the work history of the contractors that they hire.

Almost anyone who hires anyone leaves a review these days, and these reviews should be relatively easy to find online. Anyone who is interested in hiring solar contractors should research these specific solar contractors.

They should get a sense of what past customers have said about them, specifically paying attention to the quality of the work that they did. Looking at the nature of the complaints of customers is also important. All professionals will attract some negative reviews. In fact, it might be positive if they do, since it makes it more likely that the positive reviews are actually genuine.

If the negative reviews make a lot of specific complaints with detailed anecdotes, it might be worthwhile to listen to them. However, some people will more or less never be satisfied with anything, and they might just generically criticize a professional without giving any specific details. It’s often acceptable to ignore these people entirely.

The Right Qualifications

There aren’t a lot of specific licenses that solar contractors will need. However, there are other qualifications that they should have, such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’s (NABCEP) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification . This qualification does only go back to 2002, and it is true that the solar power industry is a lot older than that.

However, even when working with the people who have a great deal of experience in the solar power installation industry, it’s a good idea to rely on the individuals who have up-to-date qualifications and who are able to demonstrate their skills in a way that’s easy for customers to recognize immediately.

Obviously, all solar panel contractors are in need of general liability insurance. They should also ideally have licenses in home improvement and general contracting. Some of them will also have experience as electricians and home repair professionals.

All solar contractors were new at one point. However, the established solar contractors are more likely to provide a superior service. As such, customers should try to find the individuals who have at least five years in the field. The more experience they have, the better. Solar contractors who can talk about previous solar systems that they installed will be able to provide customers with the peace of mind that they need.

These days, solar panel contractors will typically have a lot of photographic evidence of the solar panel installations that they have performed. They should be able to provide a clear record of the work that they have performed in the past.

Solar contractors have every reason to be experienced today, because this is a relatively old field at this point. Lots of people use solar panels Atlanta and get them installed. They deserve the best solar panel contractors today.

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