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Solar battery charger for cell phone

A solar battery charger not only provides an environmentally friendly alternative to standard battery chargers, but also serves as a backup device in case of blackouts. If you own a solar-powered phone charger, you can recharge your phone without using the traditional method that requires access to a conventional electrical outlet.

Charging Your Phone With the Solar Battery Charger A solar battery charger is compatible with most cell phones and smartphones, including those from Motorola, Apple iPhone, Samsung and Nokia. The solar panel on the charger absorbs the power from sunlight and transfers it to your mobile device through a USB connection cable.

Depending on how much sunlight the solar panel absorbs during charging time, your phone may take anywhere from a couple hours or up to a full day to charge.

Specific solar battery charger models may vary in the solar panel size, output of solar power generation and charging times for your phone. Many solar battery chargers also come with an LED light that can be used at night or in dark areas where direct sunlight is not available to help you charge your phone faster.

If you plan on using solar energy to charge your cell phone, make sure it has a solar compatibility feature before purchasing the product; some solar-powered chargers use non-standard connectors that are incompatible with most cell phones. All solar battery charger comes with a USB connection cable that connects the device to the mobile unit.

Powering up Your Phone With Solar Energy

A solar battery charger cannot work on cloudy days when there is little to no solar radiation from the sun.

It is crucial that you make sure there is enough solar power generation for your phone before leaving home with the solar battery charger in tow. In case of a solar-generated power outage, you can still plug your cell phone directly into a wall outlet to charge it instead.

There are many solar battery chargers on the market today that can be used to power up a range of electronic devices including laptops, digital cameras and even vehicles under certain circumstances.

Before making a final purchasing decision, be sure to check out customer reviews that discuss which solar battery charger works best with different types of phones and how long it takes them to charge on average You can also find solar battery chargers at mobile phone stores, electronics stores and solar power companies. Learn more about what is the best solar charger in the market today!

With the growing environmental concerns of climate change and the decreasing prices of solar PV, solar energy is trending in many sectors, including but not limited to power homes and businesses. Also, portable solar solutions including portable solar chargers or solar phone chargers are trending with increasing awareness about renewable energy. This article attempts to explain five(5) benefits of using a solar phone charger:

  1. A solar phone charger is portable and uses clean energy to help you charge your electronic devices. Once you have selected your solar cell phone charger, whose cost can be estimated to range anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the brand and features included, a solar phone charger is very portable as it can be carried anywhere to charge your cellphone. A solar-powered phone charger comes in handy, especially used during traveling or outdoor activities. Since it is portable during the day when there is sunshine you can use it in your picnics, hikes or when camping to use it to charge not only your cellphone but also your iPad, portable speaker, humidifier, etc.

  2. A lot of people especially in rural areas mostly in the developing world are not connected to the grid. As such, having solar chargers and other solar PV systems like solar panels and solar batteries are being used to produce power for both households and commercials helping to solve the energy access issue.

  3. A solar phone charger would probably be the main source of energy in off-grid areas to power cellphones. For instance, in Africa, around 640 million people don’t have access to a grid and where some people do have access to the electricity supply is unreliable and unstable. As a result, solar PV has become one of the main sources of energy to power homes and businesses using one of the most consistent and promising approaches to tackling this huge obstacle to energy access, that is, off-grid pay-as-you-go solar power model, now called PayGo.

  4. A solar phone charger uses solar energy – a renewable energy source. Even though energy from a solar charger might seem trivial or does not have an impact in terms of how much you can save when it comes to energy because cellphones or smartphones use a trivial amount of electricity. For instance, iPhone 5 uses 3.5KWh/year and costing about $0.41/year to charge them while Galaxy S III consumes 4.9 KWh/year at $0.5/year primarily because of the Galaxy’s larger battery. However, this might not impact you, but considering the aggregate impact (about 5 billion cellphones around the world) in terms of energy reduction from the grid and the increasing demand for mobile phones worldwide; your usage of the Sun’s energy to power your phone probably has an impact, if you look at it from a system’s perspective.

  5. A solar phone charger is one step to energy efficiency when you aggregate the number of cellphones from a system’s perspective. Currently, there are about 5 billion cellphones around the world according to GSM intelligence. Users for smartphones are expected to increase by 2023 to over 7 billion. Smartphones consume more energy depending on how many wireless data the device is using as well as the amount of power consumed in making those wireless connections. As a result, when not using energy from renewables, a solar phone charger can help in reducing your carbon footprint.

From a system’s perspective, electronic gadgets or even electric vehicles powered using solar power will have an impact in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduced while increasing the energy efficiency consumed in the long-term.

Some of the best solar phone chargers have been reviewed on Amazon. When looking for some of the best solar phone chargers, it is important to evaluate the number of devices that can be charged, the time it takes to charge, and overall durability when selecting a model.

To understand your energy profile and GHGs that can be reduced while going solar using a solar panel calculator can help you figure out your sustainability benefits. Learn more about how you can check instantly whether solar is right for you.


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