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10 things about solar chargers

Studies reveal that the world receives more energy from the sun within a duration of one hour than what people consume in a year. This is why it has become possible for people to have access to free energy in the homes and businesses thanks to portable solar generators.

Today, individuals and businesses are looking to cut their dependence on other sources of energy, for example, fossil fuels and coal-generated electricity. The two sources of fuel named have been found to contribute to carbon dioxide emission, which is a prime greenhouse gas.

Solar energy, on the other hand, has been found to cut back on the emissions of greenhouse gases as none is generated during power conversion and use. Solar-powered gadgets have been compared to planting 100 trees which would help in cutting back on the level of greenhouse gases currently available in the atmosphere. For example, Earth Runs have conducted a tree-math of solar panels vs trees carbon trade-off and found that a 5,000-watt solar system eliminates 5,760 lbs of CO2 per year. This figure (5,760 pounds) is equivalent or correlates to the carbon absorption capability of more than 100 trees:

There are various portable solar generators currently available in the market and some of them include solar chargers, solar lights, solar generators, solar-powered scooters, solar-powered cars, solar-powered planes and many more.

Here are things you ought to know about portable solar generators.

Can work even with limited exposure to the sun

Is solar worth it? If you are camping up in the mountains, there comes a time when the weather changes from sunny to cloudy. This should not worry you very much especially when you start thinking about your solar light, solar portable lamp or solar charger. It can still provide the much-needed power even when it’s cloudy thanks to the application of photovoltaic cells.


The best thing about solar power gadgets like solar chargers, solar portable lights, solar portable radios, and solar calculators is that they are portable. You can carry them with you whether on a road trip, hiking,

Thanks to innovation, solar-powered gadgets are lightweight. This makes them portable. It is common to find lightweight solar chargers integrated onto backpacks. This design makes the solar power charger to be foldable and available when needed.

Rugged and durable

Solar power gadgets are designed for use indoors and outdoors. Since solar energy is basically available outdoors, it makes solar gadgets useful for different outdoor events. In order to ensure that they don’t become damaged when being used outdoors, they are designed to be rugged. This ensures longevity and durability.


It has already been established that solar-powered gadgets are widely used outdoors more than indoors. When used outdoors, the chances of coming into contact with high levels of humidity, sweat, and rain are great. To ensure protection especially to the internal electrical components, solar gadgets have been made to be waterproof. This ensures the health of the solar gadget always.


Dust is an agent that causes damage to electrical components which lowers the health of the solar power gadget. It takes a substantial investment to purchase and maintain solar gadgets. As a user, what one is looking for is the extended use of the device. This is why solar gadgets are made to be dustproof.

Compatible with different devices and brands

In the world today, people posses different devices and gadgets which allow for ease of communication, interaction, ease of task completion and other duties. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and VR headsets are some of the devices in the possession of consumers. These devices are available in different models and brands. To ensure better use, solar power gadgets like solar chargers are made to be compatible with different devices.

Stores more power

Solar power gadgets convert natural light from the sun into energy. This is according to the principle of photovoltaic cells where they convert light photons into energy. This energy is stored in a battery pack providing access to any device when needed. The battery pack is designed to store more energy allowing for extended use.


Modern technology has ensured the development of solar gadgets that are not clunky but stylish. The need for this is not only to make the end product attractive to look at and use but to endear it to a lot of consumers.


Solar-powered gadget producers know how important these devices are and the range of applications they have. To ensure that they are available at any moment and at any location, they have been designed to be flexible. For example, solar power chargers fitted onto backpacks are designed to be foldable. This not only ensures flexibility but allows for the fitting of several solar panels. This increases the amount of power generated and stored for later use.

Available in different sizes and colors

Solar power gadgets come in a wide range of sizes. The idea behind this is not only to make the gadgets appealing to a wide range of users but to cater to a wide variety of applications. You will find solar chargers, solar lights, solar radios, solar lamps, solar electric scooters and solar-powered tents in different sizes and colors. The bigger the device, the more complex it is and the more applications it may have.

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