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1800w solar generator – Solar & wind hybrid power generator

1800w solar generator – Solar & wind hybrid power generator allow you to connect to solar panels or wind power generators at the same time and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. It is designed to have two ports and one of the ports is for solar panel(s) with an output of 100-watt while the second port can be used for the wind generator that can be purchased separately as well.

It also has a built-in 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter to provide quality power that can be used to power sensitive equipment like medical equipment, computers, or an ideal solution for off-grid living, camping, RV’s/Vans, boats, or generally used during power outages.

1800w solar generator – The hybrid solar/wind generator comes with a Bluetooth application that can work with both iOS and android—useful for monitoring the charge in your battery or monitoring both the power produced by your solar panels and the wind generator. You can also monitor the runtimes for all the devices or appliances connected to the system.

The wind component of this hybrid power system makes it possible to continue using it during cloudy or at night when there is no enough solar. It comes with two types of the wind-turbine edition, that is:

1800w solar generator – Solar & Wind hybrid power generator

Nature’s Generator GOLD System: Wind Turbine Edition with a total output of 1800 watt that includes one 100-watt solar panel with a battery capacity of 720-watt hour

Nature’s Generator PLATINUM System – Wind Turbine Edition: with a total output of 1800 watt that includes three 100-watt solar panels with a battery capacity of 1920 watt-hour

Below are the System Specifications

  1. Generator Outlets/ Ports, Inverter & Battery –

  2. Three 120V household AC outlets

  3. Two USB ports (3A of combined power)

  4. One 12V DC port (240W max)

  5. Expansion Port: 200A Fuse

  6. Charging AC Input (90W)

  7. Solar Input (200W Max)

  8. Wind Input (300W Max)

  9. Generator Output Power: 1800W max

  10. Generator Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave

  11. Generator Output Voltage: 120V

  12. Generator Output Frequency: 60Hz

  13. Built-in 60Ah SLA battery (Keep plugged in or recharge every 2-3 months of non-use)

  14. Built-in charge controller

  15. Built-in low battery protection

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