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2023 Green Hydrogen Projects: Global Innovations Unveiled

Welcome back to! In this article, we're exploring the breakthroughs and innovations in green hydrogen projects around the globe in 2023.

As the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions, green hydrogen stands out as a promising and transformative technology. Join us as we delve into some of the most notable projects in this field.

2023 Green Hydrogen Insights and Projects in the USA

St. Gabriel Green Hydrogen Plant, Louisiana

The St. Gabriel Green Hydrogen Plant in Louisiana marks a significant milestone in the US's journey towards green energy.

This pioneering project, scheduled to commence operations in 2023, is set to produce 15 tonnes of hydrogen per day, primarily to supply the burgeoning fuel cell market.

This venture, led by Plug Power Inc. and Olin Corporation, under the banner of Hidrogenii, exemplifies a synergistic collaboration. Olin is tasked with the production of hydrogen and providing operational support, while Plug Power takes the helm in marketing and logistical aspects.

The construction of this plant is not just an engineering feat but also a boon for the local economy, creating 215 jobs in 2023, and expected to offer more than 25 permanent full-time positions.

This plant is part of Plug’s expansive national network of hydrogen plants, which stretches across New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and California.

With ambitious goals, Plug Power aims to produce 500 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen by 2025, ramping up to 1,000 tons per day by 2028, setting a new benchmark in the green hydrogen industry.

Sauk Valley Green Hydrogen Plant, Illinois

The Sauk Valley Green Hydrogen Plant in Illinois is a beacon of innovation and sustainability.

As the state's first green hydrogen project, operated by Invenergy, this facility stands as a testament to the potential of green hydrogen in transforming the energy sector. The project harnesses power from Invenergy's adjacent solar plant and employs Ohmium International's low-carbon electrolyser technology, showcasing the fusion of renewable energy sources with cutting-edge technology.

With a production capacity of 52 tonnes per year and the ability to store 400kg of hydrogen on site, the Sauk Valley Plant is a modest yet significant step forward.

The facility's PEM electrolyser, capable of producing 6kg of hydrogen per hour, epitomizes efficiency and sustainable energy production.

Kingsland Green Hydrogen Plant, Georgia

The Kingsland Green Hydrogen Plant in Camden County, Georgia, is another landmark project undertaken by Plug Power. This facility, with a daily production capacity of 15 tonnes of hydrogen, represents a significant contribution to the region's green energy landscape.

The hydrogen produced here is liquefied and stored, ready for transportation to meet the growing demand. This project not only contributes to the energy sector but also stimulates the local economy by creating over 200 construction jobs.

The plant’s operational commencement by the end of 2023 marks a pivotal moment in the region’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Casa Grande Green Hydrogen Plant, Arizona

In Casa Grande, Arizona, the Green Hydrogen Plant, owned and operated by Air Products, emerges as a symbol of sustainable innovation. This facility, expected to be operational in 2023, is set to produce 10 metric tons of green hydrogen per day.

The plant stands out not only for its production capacity but also for its commitment to environmental sustainability, being powered entirely by renewable energy. This strategic approach not only ensures a reduced carbon footprint but also aligns with the broader goals of transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

The plant utilizes two ThyssenKrupp Nucera electrolysers for hydrogen production and employs Air Products’ proprietary technology for converting gaseous hydrogen into its liquid form.

Additionally, the facility includes a terminal for efficient distribution of the product to various customer locations, further enhancing its role in the green hydrogen supply chain.

Donaldsonville Green Hydrogen Project, Louisiana

The Donaldsonville Green Hydrogen Project in Louisiana is set to become North America's largest upon its completion.

Managed by CF Industries, this project involves the construction of a 20MW alkaline water electrolysis plant, integrated into the existing ammonia synthesis loops at the Donaldsonville manufacturing complex.

The plant is designed to produce an impressive 20,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually. CF Industries' commitment to sustainability is evident in its approach to powering the electrolysis process, which involves allocating renewable energy purchased across its network to match 100% of the electricity required for the water separation process.

This approach not only ensures a carbon-free production of hydrogen and oxygen but also underscores the company's dedication to sustainable practices.

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Global Hydrogen Insights:

Hydrogen Insights 2023, a collaborative effort by the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey & Company, offers a comprehensive update on the global hydrogen economy. This report highlights the current state of the global hydrogen sector, including actual hydrogen deployment, with a specific focus on North America.

The report illuminates the accelerating momentum of hydrogen, with over 1,000 projects requiring USD 320 billion in investment announced globally. However, it also notes that investment decisions are lagging, with only 10% of investment volumes having passed the final investment decision (FID) stage.

More than 1,040 projects have been announced globally, of which 795 aim to commission within 2030. These projects represent a staggering USD 320 billion in investments through 2030, a significant increase from the USD 240 billion reported in the previous publication. Interestingly, about two-thirds of these investments are directed towards supply, with a total of 38 Mt p.a. of clean hydrogen production announced through 2030.

Europe and North America are leading the charge, accounting for nearly 60% of the total volumes. Currently, about 0.8 Mt p.a. of clean hydrogen supply is operational, with low-carbon hydrogen accounting for about 740 kt p.a., while renewable hydrogen amounts to about 60 kt p.a.

This is equivalent to a 700 MW electrolysis capacity. Furthermore, a total of 3 Mt p.a. of clean hydrogen capacity has passed FID, including the 0.8 Mt p.a. already operational, with North America accounting for 70% of these committed volumes.

More than 9 GW of electrolysis capacity has passed FID, nearly doubling from about 5 GW in the previous publication, with China accounting for 40% of the committed capacity.

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey through the world of green hydrogen in 2023. These projects not only showcase technological prowess but also reflect a collective commitment to a sustainable and decarbonized future.


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