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An online solar marketplace will help you compare solar panels and calculate your solar needs.

Are you considering powering your home or business with solar power? Learn about online tools that will assist you in knowing whether solar is right for you or not? Online solar tools such as an online solar marketplace have inbuilt in them a solar needs calculator that can present you with the information you need to know to compare solar panel kits, including but not limited to solar irradiance, solar savings, solar panel cost, solar panel wattage, solar panel size or solar panel sizing.  It will also give you information about how to buy solar panels and show you how to go solar.

Using a solar needs calculator (online solar marketplace) to compare solar panel kits. 

Furthermore, an online online solar marketplace will enable you to compare solar panels prices from different solar providers or solar installers and show you how to buy solar panels online or where to buy solar panels. In addition, you may have additional questions about deciding about solar today to help you analyze your current energy situation in terms of costs and savings before you compare your solar panel kits.

A solar needs calculator is one powerful tool that would assist you with deciding whether solar energy will benefit you in terms of how much you can save with solar. Although some of the common questions about how to compare solar panels are answered in this blog to assist you with specific questions that you may have such as:

The posts in this blog provide answers to most of the above questions as well as links to relevant sources of information, including where to compare solar panels for your home or business. Online solar tools may include: an online solar marketplace, a solar panel cost calculator, a solar payback calculator, a solar savings calculator or a solar needs calculator. Blog is an informational blog that shares information about going solar as well as online solar tools to help online users decide about going solar. In the process, the blog generates solar leads for well known online solar marketplaces in the country that utilize LIDAR technology to precisely allow online users get personalized reports concerning the amount of sunlight hitting their rooftops. also review information on various solar photovoltaic (PV) products including solar powered gadgets that have been developed today to help communities charge their laptops or phones or even provide lighting to communities that may not be connected to the natural grid.

Through these online market places online and using a solar needs calculator, online users can download personalized solar reports that include key aspects of going solar to help them make a more informed decision about whether going solar is beneficial for them or not.

To get started you are provided with the following information which may take time to analyze. This information is presented using simple graphs to help you visualize your own solar energy profile and how your solar panel system may look like when installed on your rooftop. Such information may include, but not limited to:

  1. Knowing the amount of solar generation a homeowner or business owner can generate from their roof space.

  2. Cost implications of going solar.

  3. Potential savings that can be achieved by going solar.

  4. Financing options available to assist in switching to solar, such as lease, power purchase agreements (PPAs), loans and cash options.

  5. The partnership with online solar marketplaces allow users to compare and contrast different energy plans and enable them to switch to solar by selecting their best price options.

  6. Also, these online solar marketplaces have a pool of pre-screened solar installers in the country and potential solar consumers are provided with the option of choosing their preferred installer.

  7. In addition to connecting online users with online solar marketplaces, has made reviews of online solar tools that can help users determine or analyze common questions asked by many solar consumers such as: Are solar panels worth it?  or where to buy solar panels as they analyze their specific solar energy potential for their home or business.

  8. Also, interested online users can use a solar needs calculator to analyze their costs and savings that they can achieve with going solar.

Start deciding about solar today with this solar needs calculator and help with its mission of raising solar awareness while fighting climate change. You can also contact us at: Also feel free to leave below any comments that you may have. Thank you.

Are solar panels worth it?- Using a Solar Needs Calculator to Compare Solar Panels.

There is no doubt that the future of energy is green: Both in terms of money saved and in terms of environmental friendliness. It was many decades ago that it first occurred to people that they might harness energy from the Sun, but it was really only very recently that solar energy became a cost-effective option compared with traditional sources of energy.

Indeed, the future of energy will likely incorporate many sustainable, emission-free energy sources, but solar will certainly be one of them.

If you’d like to get a head start on the move towards renewables and save some money in the process, you might consider installing solar panels on your roof or in your backyard to harness that energy that rains down upon us every day from the Sun.

Now, most of us know already in general terms that solar energy can save a lot of money, but of course it depends on the individual situation whether an installation is actually worth the trouble. So the big question is: In your particular situation, is solar worth it? How do you figure this out?

Well, it used to be that you had to sift through all sorts of complex data and calculations, and you would have to make some assumptions about how much sunlight your roof could really collect on a given day to be able to tell if solar panels were worth it. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, things have recently become much more easy.

There are a few different companies in existence that make setting up your own small solar array very simple. They will help calculate what kind of money you can expect to save and how much an array on your roof will probably cost.

In addition, these sites will often compare all of the solar panel companies and their various prices so that you can get the best deal. Let’s take a look at some of the well-known  online solar marketplaces in the country i.e. EnergySage and Pick My Solar to determine how much does it cost to install solar panels for your specific case based on your roofing design, geographic location and your current energy costs.

Using Solar Needs Calculator from EnergySage to compare solar panel kits 

EnergySage is one of the major online solar marketplaces that will help you get a reasonable quote for your installation. It guides you closely through the process of finding a decent installer, and it will also screen the companies for you, analyzing their various certifications, so that you don’t have to bother with all of these details yourself.

It’s very good at just giving you the bottom line, telling you if solar panels are worth it, and not overwhelming you with endless figures. After all, if you’re using one of these comparison sites, you’re probably looking to draw some sort of conclusion, not to be inundated with more information. You can start using this platform to compare your solar panel costs and savings achieved by just typing your address and registering. Click at the screenshot below showing a solar needs calculator from the EnergySage to get started:

Using a Solar Irradiance Calculator from Pick My Solar to going solar. 

Pick My Solar promises speed and low priced solar quotes above all. They have a guarantee that they will get some working solar panels installed for you within very little time, which is comforting to know. They will also customize a design for your array to make sure that you have the best solar panel setup to suit your needs before choosing a contractor that will do the job well. Below is a screenshot of this platform. Click at the Solar Panel Cost Calculator from Pick My Solar to get started.

Further down the line, they will take care of maintenance and other concerns during the lifetime of your solar panel installation. If you want to be guided throughout the process and guaranteed some level of success,Pick My Solar is probably a good choice for a solar panel marketplace site. They also claim that they will get you the best possible price. If you are interested to go solar, you can try this Solar  Panel Cost Calculator from Pick My Solar to check your solar energy profile instantly.

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