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Anker solar charger power bank – Anker 24W 3-Port USB Portable Solar Charger

· Ultra-Thin and Flexible

· Fast Charging

· Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously

· Stable Solar Charging

The Anker 24W 3-Port USB Portable Solar Charger is an ultra-thin, flexible solar charger that can charge your phone, tablet, etc. at optimal sunlight conditions. It takes between 4 to 5 hours for example to charge your phone using an Anker solar charger.

It is a very light and thin Anker product that is only 2.13 inches thick and weighs just 2.78 pounds so you can easily carry it with you without noticing any additional weight. It comes with a pouch to store the Anker solar charger when not in use, which also helps protect the Anker solar charger from any sharp objects as well as adding an additional layer of protection.

Another added benefit of having an ultra-thin Anker product like this is the fact that it has three USB ports (5V/2A each) where you can charge your phone as well as another compatible device at the same time. Other than charging your phone, the Anker 24W 3-Port USB Portable Solar Charger Anker product is also an excellent charging option for your tablet, which means that you can enjoy an optimized Anker solar charger sunlight charging experience whether you are outdoors or indoors.

Built with CIGS (a type of thin-film solar material) it offers greater flexibility than other solar cells while retaining durability against wear and tear. Additionally, an Anker device comes with an 18-month warranty so you can rest assured that you are getting both quality & service! If an Anker solar charger is what you are looking for, then look no further than an Anker!

An Anker solar charger has an ultra-thin and flexible CIGS panel which is mounted on a durable woven waterproof backing material, making it resilient against damage from both wear and tear. In addition to being super thin and foldable, an Anker device can help you reduce your carbon footprint since it does not require an external power source or an outlet. It rather uses sunlight as its power source which makes an Anker a great option in the battle against climate change!

As mentioned earlier an Anker comes with three USB ports so that you can charge three different devices at once including phones, tablets, etc. The intelligent circuit chip inside each of these three USB ports detects your devices to determine their optimal charging current & voltage.

Thus no matter what type of an Anker solar charger it is, whether an Anker 21W or an Anker 24W, all three USB ports will charge your devices at optimal rates! That’s not even the best part.

To add to its durability and sturdiness, and ankers panel itself is water-resistant which makes it great for using outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. If you want a solar charger that is lightweight, versatile, and powerful an Anker solar charger is the best option for you! Thus whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an everyday user an Anker device can do it all.

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