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Cooking with solar energy is possible with Sun Oven

Technology for cooking with solar energy

With the continued development of solar innovations, it is possible to harness solar energy and use it to cook almost anything you would in a conventional oven or stovetop.

There are different solar oven brands that are used for cooking with solar energy. One good example is the all American Sun Oven which comes with collapsible parabolic reflectors (Anodized aluminum), leveling rack, alignment leg, sun-track indicators,thermometer, ground stakes, and CD with over 600 recipes, instructions, videos and preparedness tips.

Can cook everything you would cook with a conventional oven

According to eartheasy, you can use the sun oven to cook anything including but not limited to bread, vegetables, pizza, poultry, fish, meats, pasta, casseroles, stews, desserts and more. The Sun Oven is also good to rehydrate and cook dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. This technology is ideal for everyday use, at picnics, camping or in the event of a power failure.

Sun Oven has been used in 125 countries – good for sustainability.

In the last three decades, the Sun Oven has been used in over 125 countries and is known as one of the solar cooking appliance that is efficient. This technology is being used to provide energy solutions for cooking. About 2.5 billion people in rural areas of developing countries that rely on biomass, such as fuel wood, charcoal, agricultural waste and animal dung, to meet their energy needs for cooking.

Unsustainable use of biomass resources comes with serious adverse consequences for health and sustainability; while 1.3 million people –mostly women and children –die prematurely every year because of exposure to indoor air pollution from biomass.

Models of Sun Oven

There are two Sun Oven models today

  1. Global Sun Oven which has been devised to meet up to 70% of the needs of a family of 6 to 8 people in a developing country, with 100% solar power. It can be used to boil, steam, roast or bake at cooking temperatures of 360° F / 182° C. This solar appliance weighs about 21 pounds / 9.5 kg and will last more than 20 year.

  2. Villager Sun Oven is a large scale sun oven used to cook for many people such as community feeding, Retreat centers, Refugee programs Emergency relief, Missions compounds, Orphanages, Hospitals (Cooks food for staff and patients and sterilizes medical instruments.). Enormous quantities of food can be boiled, steamed or baked at cooking temperatures of 500° F / 260° C with no fuel costs.

EarthEasy which is one of our affiliate partners sells a Sun Oven with parabolic reflectors for solar cooking and water pasteurization of dimensions 19″ x 20″ x 15″ weighing about 22 lbs and Made in the U.S.A. It can be used for cooking, baking, boiling, or dehydrating all types of food with the power of the sun – no fuel needed & it is Light and portable. It is great for camping, picnics or good in times of emergency. Click here to learn more from Eartheasy.

  1. A great solution for energy efficiency, it saves energy –no gas, electricity or fuel needed.

  2. It can fold up to the size of a small suitcase and hence easy to use and portable.

  3. Can provide good and high temperatures for cooking about 360 – 400 Fahrenheit

  4. Slow cook or cook in comparable time to conventional stovetops or ovens

  5. Large oven interior holds most standard baking pans

  6. Extra-thick glass lid heats quickly and efficiently

  7. Made in the USA

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