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Going solar using personalized solar tools

“Do you want to learn how you can go solar today and save more money in the process? If yes, you are in the right place, because here you will be introduced to new concepts and tools that have revolutionized the process of going solar.

With online solar tools, the solar consumer is now empowered with the right information at their finger tips and are able to make a more informed decision.  Going solar is now personalized using online solar tools that provide consumers with big data analytics to determine their specific solar energy potential and how much they can save with solar. Learn more about these online solar tools here

SwitchtoSolar Online Marketing, LLC is company based in metro Atlanta with a vision to increase uptake of solar energy in both residential and commercial sectors through the use of online solar tools and inbound marketing strategies that are purely online based.  

Using these concepts and tools; it sets SwitchtoSolar Online Marketing, LLC apart because potential solar customers are able to make the decision to go solar through online platforms that provide a self-directed environment where data speaks for itself. It is only when the consumer reviews their personalized data they are able to decide to go solar or not based on their solar energy potential and potential savings. 

In order to do this, SwitchtoSolar Online Marketing, LLC has partnered with online solar marketplaces that own these big data solutions that are able to provide data analytics and using google maps in 3D to help consumers determine their potential savings for going solar. Learn more about these online marketplaces here. “

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