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How long do solar panels last?

How long do solar panels last?

How long do solar panels last depend on whether your solar panels are being maintained well and the brand of your solar panels? Many solar panels brands, including Canadian Solar, Sharp Solar, SunPower Solar, LG Solar, Suniva Solar, SolarWorld Solar, and Suntech Solar provide a warranty of 10 years for their solar panels; although these solar panels can last or have a lifespan of 25 or 30 years.

Why should you know how long your solar panels would last?

Knowing how long your solar panels can last is an important aspect of deciding about going solar because it will help you determine how much savings you can expect from your solar panels investment. It is obvious that solar panels with a lifespan of 30 years mean a high saving potential than solar panels with 25 years lifespan depending on how your system is being maintained. Therefore, depending on the payback period of your solar panels which depends on your geographical location and other factors such as availability of tax credits, upfront costs of your PV system and solar potential; how long your solar panels last can help you determine how much you can save with solar panels.

How you maintain your PV system will determine how long your solar panels last?

Solar panels require fewer maintenance activities such as cleaning and replacement of key components like the inverter and performing such activities will help you to maximize the savings you can accrue from your PV system. For most solar panels models, the inverter is replaced after eleven (11) years of your PV operation. Maintenance will also ensure you get the maximum output of your PV system and maximum financial returns from your PV system.

Solar panels review

Conducting solar panels review is one way to help you select a PV system of your desired standards. Most solar consumers are looking for solar panels that would last long, perform better and provide warranties to ensure they get the maximum benefits from their PV system.

If you are looking for customer reviews of different solar panels for different manufacturers such as Suniva, SolarWorld, LG, SunPower solar panels, etc; Solar Review is a great resource where you can compare consumer reviews and ratings of solar panels brands/models to find the best solar panels for your home or business.

If you are looking for solar panels reviews that include specifications of the best available brands and models check out Suniva solar panels review, SolarWorld solar panels review, SunPower solar panels review, etc to help you make a comparison between different aspects of your system performance, how long solar panels last, solar panel cost, warranty, etc. Below are some of the leading solar brands whose solar panels reviews you can find in this blog. For information, about how long do solar panels last, please see the below table:Solar Panels BrandHow long solar panels lastCanadian Solar25Sharp Solar25SunPower Solar25LG Solar25Suniva Solar25SolarWorld Solar30Suntech Solar25

An Online solar marketplace to help you find multiple solar panels quotes instantly:

Today there are online solar tools to help you get multiple solar panel quotes from different solar providers in your local area. Such online solar tools will help determine your solar potential and financing options that are good for you. Learn more about this online solar marketplace.

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