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How much can i save with solar panels?

How much can i save with solar panels? EnergySage has created a very simple way to find out: simply enter your zip code an this online solar calculator will show you how big a system you need, along with estimates on savings and rebates available in your area. And if you decide solar is right for you, the tool also shows you how to get started today.

EnergySage’s Solar Calculator helps homeowners make informed decisions about going solar by comparing different options and finding the one that works best for their particular situation. The solar calculator asks questions about home energy use, roof type and orientation, financing options, and utility rates in order to generate a detailed analysis of estimated savings and return on investment (ROI).This calculator gives you the clarity of understanding the basic things.

EnergySage’s Solar Calculator

You can access this online calculator at It tells you that how much money would it cost to buy solar panels, inverters and other equipment, for your home or business. This calculator also explains what size system you require for your building and how many years it will take before its costs are fully paid off.

According to EnergySage, solar panel cost has dropped by 60% over the past five years because of cheaper hardware produced in China. The price continues to decrease as more companies enter the marketplace with new ways to lower costs – an ongoing trend that started in 1975 when Congress removed tax incentives for solar energy.

Today, due to technological advances both in manufacturing and installation methods, the price of photovoltaic panels has decreased by two orders of magnitude since 1977. Even though there are reports that China is dumping cheap PV systems into the United States market, an analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that average U.S. system prices have fallen even more – by 56% since 2010 alone .

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the national median installed cost per watt is now $3.50/watt ($0.35 per watt). The report further states that “in addition to lower hardware costs, there are healthy competition among installers who’ve brought installation labor costs down, making it easier than ever to go solar in the U.S.”

Are you still wondering whether to get solar panels for your home or business? Go check the EnergySage calculator because it tells everything about how much money you can save with solar panels, rebates and tax credits available in your area, how long it will take before its costs are fully paid off etc. According to their website, they have helped more than 1.2 million visitors find the best solution for going solar, so just visit their site today!

How do I go solar?

The first step is to assess your needs, calculate savings and define the budget. Then you choose the best solar panels, batteries or inverters that match your system’s power requirements. Finally, you order what you need (some manufacturers will even deliver right to your door), install it on the roof of your home or building and start saving!

The process is very simple; there are no red tapes like some cities require building permits for installing solar panels on roofs. While each state has different policies governing renewable energy incentives, most of them allow individuals who own their homes to sell back any excess power they produce to their local utility company at net metering rates. Most US states have either solar rebates or tax credits to help you save even more money.

There’s a one-time installation cost and some expenses for regular maintenance (for example, cleaning the panels) but you will still come out way ahead. This is what we call payback time – that moment when you recover your investment and then begin reaping its benefits for 20 to 30 years.

This calculator gives you the clarity of understanding the basic things. I hope it helps! Click here to get started using the EnergySage’s solar calculator.

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