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How to use a solar phone charger

A portable power bank is the best thing you can buy when it comes to electronics. Most people feel powerless when their battery dies but these portable chargers are an ideal solution to the problem. These power banks come in various sizes and capacities, so you can choose one that suits your needs perfectly. The best part about this device is that you can charge it using both USB ports or with solar energy. In this article, we will focus on how to use a solar phone charger.

How to use a solar phone charger?

As already mentioned, you can charge your power bank using both USB ports or with the help of the sun. As the latter option is not as popular, we will focus on charging your device using solar energy. If you purchase an external photovoltaic panel, you can connect it directly to the battery pack; otherwise, you will need to acquire one additional item that has an inbuilt solar panel or convert your existing panel into one that works with this device. The latter option sounds like fun and if you’re interested in changing your old panel to work with a photovoltaic cell for power banks, keep reading; otherwise, go ahead and read how to use a solar phone charger.

How to charge a solar phone charger?

There are two ways in which you can charge your device: directly and via the converting method. If you opt for the first solution, you will need to connect your power bank and solar panel using a cable. As soon as you do that, the photovoltaic cell will start charging your device immediately. The second option is trickier but much more fun. You will purchase an external converter that plugs into the socket of your old panel and converts it into one that works with your battery pack or mobile device; it gives off DC energy which makes this process possible. Once you plug it in, the converter turns the light from the sun into electricity and passes this current onto your power bank or mobile device.

How to use a solar phone charger: the basic steps

If you want to know how to charge your power bank using solar energy, there are three simple steps that you should follow. First of all, make sure that your panel is placed in such a way that it can receive sunlight during most of the day; if possible, choose an area facing south. The second step requires connecting your components together and letting them stay still while they start charging; this process may take up to 2-6 hours depending on how powerful your panel is and what type of battery pack or device you’re trying to charge. Once done with these two things, unplug the converter (if applicable) and put everything inside its case for safekeeping; you can use a bag or something similar.

Charging your solar device via the converting method

If you want to know how to charge a solar phone charger, follow these steps:

1. First of all, you will need an external converter that plugs into the socket of your old panel and changes it into one that works with your battery pack or mobile device. Attach this element to the panel and let it sit for 2-6 hours until completely charged; depending on its rating and what you’re trying to power up, this amount of time might change in either direction.

2. Now, take apart both components and connect a cable from the output port of the converter (if applicable) to your power bank or mobile device; this step is necessary if you’re using the converting method.

3. After this, place your panel in direct sunlight and let it stay there until completely charged; this might take up to one day depending on how powerful your device is. Also, don’t forget to protect the battery pack or mobile device from any elements that might cause damage.

4. Once done, enjoy an unlimited source of free energy without spending a fortune on utility bills!

What is a solar phone charger?

A solar phone charger is an external power bank that can be charged using sunlight energy from the sun. These chargers have a built-in photovoltaic cell that draws in natural light and converts it into electricity. That’s why it’s so convenient for outdoor activities or camping trips. But you cannot rely solely on sunlight to fully charge your appliance because of its slow conversion rate of around 20W per hour under diffuse daylight conditions (cloudy days). And if there are shadows over the panel then the speed slows down considerably. You can get a better charging performance by placing your device in direct sunlight for optimum results.

How to charge the power bank with the sun?

Once you have your solar phone charger in hand, it’s time for a quick tutorial on how to use a solar phone charger. To start charging your device, all you have to do is connect the USB cable of your appliance and set it out in direct sunlight. The USB port should face upwards so that it can capture as much light as possible from the sun rays. Make sure that there are no obstacles around which may obstruct its path or cast shadows over it. In case you don’t get good results even after trying for a few days then take away your device from under the sunlight and try something else such as keeping it near a window at home, placing it next to a lamp, or simply use an electrical outlet.

How long does it take to charge with sunlight?

It takes around 10 hours of charging using solar energy to get sufficient power in your device. You can expect the battery percentage to increase by 50% when you use the sun’s rays for at least 6-7 hours under direct sunlight. Some chargers may feature fast-charging technology so that you can charge your smartphone or tablet quickly even when there isn’t any electricity available nearby. Always read the instruction manual of your charger before attempting to use it so you know all about its compatibility and charging speeds.

Why use a solar phone charger?

One reason why many people prefer this kind of power bank is that it is environment-friendly. You can save a lot of money by relying on natural resources such as the sun to keep your appliances running. If you do not use solar power properly then it’s no different from any other form of energy like electricity which is what makes this option even more appealing to users. These chargers take up very little space and they weigh almost nothing, making them perfect for traveling purposes; while the capacity may vary depending on their design and brand.

Do solar phone chargers work?

Yes, these chargers are completely dependable because they run off natural sunlight so there is no chance of malfunctioning in any way whatsoever. In fact, these chargers have been used successfully by campers and hikers for many years now because it’s a hassle-free way to charge your phone or tablet while you’re out in the woods. Unlike electricity, there are no additional costs because these chargers rely on sunlight as their primary source of energy. These devices do not burn much power either so they can help save a little amount of money on your monthly utility bills.

An alternative to solar phone charging

The best part about a solar phone charger is that you can use it anywhere and this includes indoor locations as well where you may not have much access to sunlight. In such cases, you should opt for the best USB solar panels which will provide adequate light for efficient charging even indoors provided you put them facing a nearby window with an ample amount of sunlight shining through it. You can also buy a foldable solar charger which you can use to power up any device so long as it has a USB port.

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