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Ring doorbell solar charger review for Smart Homes

This ring doorbell solar charger review will help you know what the ring video doorbell is and whether or not you should buy it.

The ring video doorbell has become a popular household gadget, but with its popularity comes some questions about this convenient device. One of those questions is how to charge it when there’s no outlet nearby? The ring video doorbell requires several hours of direct sunlight every day for proper operation. So having a way to charge it without electricity would be ideal. Today we’re looking at just that with the Ring Solar Charger accessory. Read on for more details.

One of our biggest issues with ring doorbells is they need to be charged regularly. It’s not enough to simply install them and forget about them, you still have to charge the ring video doorbell every month or so. With this ring solar charger, that’s less of an issue because it contains solar panels built into the secure mounting bracket.

So while this ring solar charger won’t do much for customers in areas without much sunlight. It would work great in areas with many hours of available sunlight each day.

How does Ring video doorbell solar charger work?

The Ring Video Doorbell Solar Charger works with original ring video doorbells.

This ring solar charger is weather-resistant so you can install it outside or inside. Although installation of ring doorbells are typically located near the front door… basically, right where sunlight is available most of the day.

The ring solar charger securely mounts to the wall using a bracket with built-in solar panels that absorb energy from sunlight throughout each day. You can then use this collected energy, stored in the ring video doorbell’s internal battery. In order to recharge your ring video doorbell whenever it needs it. The technology for this ring solar charger is simple and similar to charging ring video doorbells through power outlets.

It may take several hours of direct sunlight before you notice any significant charging on your ring video doorbell. Ring doesn’t recommend direct sunlight for ring video doorbell charging so there’s no harm in putting it where the sun is bright but indirect.

How to install ring solar charger

The ring solar charger setup requires some basic tools, including a screwdriver.

You should also have some good ring video doorbell installation skills. This is because you’re handling the ring doorbell directly throughout this process. One that requires you to remove your original ring doorbell from its location.

There are enough tools included with the ring solar charger for most people to complete all of the steps. This is without having to go out and buy any additional supplies yourself.

However, if needed, make sure you check near your front door or wherever else you might choose. In order to mount this ring solar charger before making any ring video doorbell solar charger purchases.

Solar ring doorbell is best in bright areas

This ring solar charger only works with ring video doorbells. So if you’ve already bought a ring, there’s no need to buy this ring solar charger. If you’re looking for ring alternatives, it might be worth your time to check out the current offers on Amazon. This ring solar charger would work great outdoors where sunlight is plentiful all day long or in rooms that have many windows nearby.

However, if you’re looking for direct sun exposure for charging overnight charges. Then this ring solar charger isn’t ideal because it would provide very little power during the night when most people are sleeping.

The ring solar charger is an easy solution to recharging ring video doorbells. Although it works best for customers who want a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day. Anyone looking for ring alternatives should consider other brands or styles before purchasing this ring solar charger.

Ring Solar Charger – Ring Video Doorbell Recharger costs around $49.99. Buy it on

Why do we use this ring video doorbell solar charger? It’s inexpensive, good for areas with good sunlight exposure all year long, and offers a built-in mounting bracket that offers secure installation.

○ Cons:

Not ideal for areas without a lot of sunlight each day because it only provides ring video doorbells with small amounts of power. It can take several hours to recharge ring video doorbell batteries for overnight charging, and only works with ring video doorbells.

Who this ring video doorbell solar charger is best for? Customers who want a good ring solar charger to charge ring every night and who live in high-sunlight areas.

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