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RV solar panels

RV solar panels

If you have a recreational vehicle, then you will realize that having a solar panel for your vehicle is one good thing. It is one of the investments that you need to have for your vehicle. You will have the freedom to ensure that the energy from the sun is properly utilized. You will just convert it in an easy manner that is also quick enough. For those that are looking for the right kind of solar for their RV, then you have just landed in the best place to get information that is educative.

Are RV solar panels right for you?

Solar panels are not just supposed to be used in the houses or in commercial places that have properties. For those that love electricity, they can be the best of the best when users need electricity while they are on the go.

Solar panels just work in the same manner each time when they are setup. They just capture sunlight and then convert it into electricity. After the conversion has been done, you can now use the electricity to power your devices that you need as you move around. When you go down to buy solar panels, you will get those that are portable and designed to be set up in an easy manner to be used in your RV. This kind of panels that are designed for RV usage are specialized so that they can be even mounted on the RV roof.

What is the difference between an RV solar panel and residential panel?

The major difference that will find between this two is the size of the system. For the RV setups, you will find that they are designed to produce enough power that can run small devices or even a few large kitchen appliances. For the residential panels, they are designed with the ability to provide enough power that is able to cover most of the electricity needs of your property. The RVs will always give you the ability to add more solar panels but with the small space of the roof panel, you can add more than it can carry. That’s why they are compared to be smaller in production of electricity as compared to their counterparts.

RV with solar panels

We cannot always close the debate of which one produces enough power. Do you really need solar panels for your RV? Here are the reasons that you need to have such a system.

1. They are known to produce less noise

When you go camping, you will need to get in touch with nature and get away from the unnecessary noise that is always a problem. If you carry a generator with you, you will find it a hard thing to accomplish some of your activities because of the noise that they produce. When you get to use your solar panel, you will realize that they are totally silent and won’t even cause havoc to your neighbors. What you need to do is to just charge the batteries and with inverters with you, then you will just have power converted directly for your use.

2. The solar panels produce fewer emissions

When you move with your vehicle or even go camping, you will also have to be environmentally minded. That is why you will find that the solar panels will take good care of the environmental than any other. There are few up to no emissions when it comes to the use of panels. That makes them ahead of other electricity producers or generators.

3. You will buy them with reduced costs

When you buy a panel, there is no top ups needed, for instance, when it comes to fuel for running. You just install it in your RV roof top and forget. They will ensure that power is well supplied I your vehicle at all times without any problem. It does not have moving parts that will require your regular maintenance, you just spend once in installations and it is all done. Solar panels can even last up to minutes or even more before you check on them.

4. It will give you that freedom you need to travel

You might want to travel to places that are even bared from much noise from generators. With the solar panels, you will just travel without any cause of worry. Campers will also enjoy their boondocking. That will be just fine when you are using a solar panel. That gives you that leeway of having power wherever you are and wherever you want to go.

Factors that you need to consider when you want to buy a good RV solar panel

If you are looking for a good solar panel that you can use in your RV, here are some solutions that you need to consider getting a better one.

1. The efficiency of the panel. You can have many amenities in your RV but it good that you know that space is always less when you compare with your home. So any solar panel that you will install should be efficient. Efficiency is determined with the amount solar energy that is converted to electricity. Buy the best type

2. Wattage. This is determined by the amount of current that the solar is able to give out. A high wattage kind of solar means that it is able to produce enough power that is able to support lots of appliances. That brings up the efficiency rating of using your electronics in your RV.

3. Portability. When buying an RV solar, its portability is also very crucial. If you won’t be able to install it to your vehicle permanently, then it will be good for you to have one that you will be able to move to your RV when you need it.

How do RV solar panels work

Before you have RV solar power in your vehicle, you will have to ensure that a setup is done in a complete manner. Get the following components.

1. You need solar panels

2. A charge controller that is vital in ensuring that your batteries don’t overcharge

3. Solar batteries that will store the energy charged from the solar

4. Inverter that you will use to convert DC electricity and change it to AC electricity

5. You also need some proper cables that you can use to ensure that all the components are hooked together. After proper installation is done according to your RV roof size, then you can now be out there with electricity in your car.

Solar panels are the best in the market ever. What you need is getting one for your use. they will make sure that your traveling is one of a kind that never stops. Solar panels gather the rays of the sun and get the energy stored in the batteries then can be converted to power to best used.

There are various brands of RV solar panels which you can buy online at Amazon, including but not limited to Renogy, Eco Worthy, HQST and many others. Most of the solar power systems are often sold in kits which include solar panels, a system monitor, wiring, and connectors. For more information about the pricing for your portable solar panels for your RV check out the various brands of RV solar panels at

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