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Six reasons why you should join EnergySage when thinking to go solar.

The EnergySage is an  online solar marketplace and six reasons why you should join this platform to go solar are listed below:

  1. The platform enables you to receive multiple free solar quotes from pre-screened solar installers in your local area.

  2. You get access to a free solar panel cost calculator that is LiDAR powered which means you get very accurate solar irradiation data.

  3. You get access to a pool of solar financiers that will provide you with the best interest rates in the market.

  4. You get access to various financing options including cash, loans, solar PPA and leasing or no money down options that enable you to afford solar even when you don’t have upfront cash to put down.

  5. The process is 100% online and no phone calls are required when you want to decide about going solar.

  6. By joining this platform you help to reduce the overall cost of your solar. A recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found out that PV installers using the platform bid 0.24 per watt lower because of increased solar installer competition.

For more details, about this online platform for going solar, please see EnergySage .

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