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Solar Generators for Homes

Uses of Solar Generators for Homes

Solar generators for homes have many uses for your house, that is, they can be used to power your home during power outages and can act as a power backup for emergency situations. They can also be used for remote homes that are not connected to the grid. Solar generators for homes are good energy solutions to keeping your lights on, running your refrigerator, freezer, or keeping your phones charged in remote areas or as a power backup energy solution.

As a home backup power solution, solar generators for homes can run items such as a fridge, freezer, 1000 watt microwave, and many other appliances. As an emergency power; solar generators can be used to power a 20’’ TV, radio, fan, lights, and so on. They can also be used as a small/home office backup power to run equipment such as a laptop, desktop computer inkjet printer, internet modem, etc

Examples of Solar Generators for Homes

a) 1800 Watt Solar Generator for homes

This solar generator features a 2.88 kW surge inverter, 160-watt solar panel, a 30-amp charge controller, and battery storage. The solar generator does not come with batteries, but it requires two (2) SEALED, lead-acid Gel-type 12Vdc, 100Ah batteries. Exide RoadForce AGM-200 RF-31D battery is recommended.

It is also customizable to fit your power needs. The standard PV system comes with one 160-Watt Solar Panel and its capacity can be doubled as the solar generator comes with an extra battery box that allows for 2 more 100AH batteries for increasing run times. According to Earthtech, you can add more 100AH batteries for a total of 4100 batteries to be able to meet your energy needs.

Also, you can increase the capacity of the PV system to see your system charge up faster through solar energy by adding up to three (3) additional solar panels.  However, this solar generator does not have to be charged up with only solar but is compatible with other sources of energy such as wind, gas-powered generator, or an AC connection to the grid.

As such, this solar generator can be used for power back-up energy solutions or as a stand-alone household power during emergency outages or for remote areas as an off-grid energy solution.

b) 2400 Watt Hour Solar Generator Kit with 200 Watts of Solar Power for Homes and Off-Grid

This is a plug and plays solar generator that comes with solar panels, charge controller, inverter, batteries, and cabling. It is an electric power source during emergencies and power outages that can be used for homes and cabins.

It comes with two  (2) 100 Watt Solar Panels & two (2) included 100Ah batteries inside the battery box and drawn from the attached Xantrex Powerhub inverter and charging hub by your essential devices and appliances.  This solar generator does not emit fumes nor does it require any fuel refills as it runs on solar energy, plus it is noise-free and has minimal maintenance.

It can run home appliances and equipment, including but not limited to an Energy Star Mini Fridge, Lamps, Power Tools, Smart Phones, Digital cameras, and other electronic devices. 

4800 Watt Hour Solar Generator Kit with 500 Watts of Solar Power for Homes and Off-Grid

This is another power backup solution for use during emergencies, power outages, and just for remote locations without access to a power grid.  It comes with a battery backup and an 1800-watt inverter and can charge and run up to 1800 watts at a time.

This solar generator system does not emit fumes and runs quietly. No need for fuel refills and has very minimal maintenance.

This solar generator can run items like an Energy Star Fridge, some lights, TV, and other electronic devices

Amazon deals with all of the above solar generators for homes. You can learn more about these solar generators, including their specific specifications, costs, and other product details not captured here. You can also visit Amazon to learn more details regarding sizing, specific system requirements, and other questions you may have.

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