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Solar Generators- reviews of various solar generators.

solar generators produce electricity that is renewable, eco-friendly, clean and cost-effective. Solar generators systems can work in any environments or literally everywhere there is sunlight and as a result based on various solar generator customer reviews, these systems are highly reliable, dependable. Solar powered generator portable systems are intended to be mobile and can be used anywhere at home, in the event of a power outage, or take them with you while on the go.

Solar generators, especially the portable ones are an excellent investment into your life, be it for uses during power outages, camping, off-grid living, and more. This backup power is of the upmost essence for normal power blackout or camping purposes. You can charge your cell phone, charge your tablet or computer, plug-in essential appliances, plug in lights, or Cabin and RV necessities. Here we have provided a review of some solar generators  to guide you in your purchasing decision:

This solar powered  generator system is designed to last a life-time and comes in a solar power pack that is powerful and mobile to ensure an adequate power source everywhere you take it with you. This solar powered generator accepts recharging directly from a ZAMP Solar 12 Volt port and is designed to work with portable solar chargers if you happen to have them. Each of its solar power pack can also charge directly from a wall outlet (AC) power and is supplied with an internal smart charger to ensure a long lasting battery charge during long storage. In a nutshell, the Solar Power Pack Access Panel has the following specifications:

  1. Voltage Indicator LED Display

  2. 5 Amp AC Input Plug for supplied Genius Smart Chargers

  3. Input and Out put direct 12v

  4. 12 volt Utility Plug

  5. A remote switch comm port for a remote on/off switch

  6. Power and error indicator lights

  7. 1 USB charging output port (5V/500mA)

  8. Inverter12 volt Utility Plug-Input and Out put direct 12v-2-120 volt AC outlets

To learn more about ZAMP Solar Power Pack 1000W Solar Generator and buy other related products, check here:Emergency Solar Powered Backup Kit.

This solar generator is also called the “SolMan Classic,” and is an excellent way to create backup energy in the case of emergency and off-grid living needs. This type of solar generator system is green, clean, completely silent, and sustainable. The sun converts this portable and rugged solar generator into the energy you need in a reliable and durable system framework. The SolMan Classic’s standard specifications are:

  1. 3000 usable Watt hours of battery storage capacity.

  2. 1500 Watt inverter.

  3. Up to 4.2 Kilowatts of solar per day.

  4. Output: 12 Volts DC or 120 VAC

  5. 2100 Watts surge capacity.

  6. 420 Watts solar PV inbound.

  7. Base Unit: 50” height x 33” width x 43” length / 275lbs.

  8. 26-inch, heavy-duty aluminum spoke and rubber tires with excellent balance for easy mobility for the best sun exposure.

  9. 10 year PV panel warranty: the SolMan is created to work for years when cared for properly.

  10. Two 12 Volt Auto Plugs to plug in your accessories.

  11. One heavy 30 amp marine trolling motor plug.

  12. 120 Volt Magnum MM-AE 1500 Watt Inverter/Charger.

  13. Heavy 15 amp Solar PV-ing Plug that is wired to solar controller to add external solar panels.

Once you buy the SolMan Classic, it doesn’t cost any additional money, and in fact, pays itself back and offers free energy usage for the owner.

This was the heaviest solar generator portable system that was reviewed, as it weight a whopping 275lbs. However, the weight is put to good use. It has increased panel surface area, excellent mobility wheels, an astounding 10 year PV panel warranty (which speaks volumes about Sol-Solution’s commitment to durability in their products, and a unique 30 amp marine trolling motor plug, which is something you don’t see in most portable generators.

All in all, this solar generator is an excellent deal for what it provides the user. To be fair, it could use more than two, 12V auto plugs for accessories and electronics. However, with the marine plug and a 15 amp solar PV-ing Plug that is wired to a solar controller, can allow the user to add external solar panels, which is another plus.

SunSocket Solar Generator ASPECT SOLAR is a company that produces different types of solar panels and generators for personal and commercial use. In their collection, they have the “SunSocket Solar Generator,” a heavy duty, portable solar generator that holds incredible power in such a light-weight shell. This is truly an innovative solar generator system that is hard to beat. The specifications for the SunSocket are:

  1. 5” height x 20.2” width x 4.2” length in dimension packed.

  2. 8” when the panels are extended.

  3. Extremely portable at a light 25lbs.

  4. All-in-one solar powered generator with built-in SOLTRAX™ sun-tracking technology.

  5. High-efficiency Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) solar battery bank.

  6. PV Solar Panels tested for 45–55 Watts depending on intensity of sunlight.

  7. PV rated wattage at 60 Watts.

  8. Mono-crystalline Cells with an efficiency rating of 19%–the best efficiency rating available in portable solar generators!

  9. 8V 20AH, 250Wh Battery Capacity.

  10. Solar Charge Time of 5 Hours in good sunlight and 9 hours in poor sunlight.

  11. Wall Charge Time of 5 Hours.

  12. Output of 5V 1.1A max via 4 USB Socket.

  13. Output of 12V +/- 20% 10A via DC Socket.

  14. Output of 100 Watt Modified Sine Wave via AC Universal.

  15. DC Input of 15V 4A (for charging)

Be aware that SunSocket operates best in dry locations only and from an excellent range from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees (0 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees). Even at night when the panels are folded up, you can keep charging phones, tablets, etc…according to a solar generator review on

So, if you’re looking for a lighter Portable Solar Generator than the SolMan (which weighs in at 125lbs.), then the SunSocket may be for you. The SunSocket is incredibly light at 25lbs., a full 100 pounds lighter than the SolMan, and charges in only 5–9 hours, depending on good or poor sunlight.

This  solar generator system is manufactured by Wagan, is an impressive heavyweight in the portable solar generator world. This impressive cube unfolds its wings into five solar panels; but while it is a heavy weight, this comes at a cost in time. In the specifications, you will see that with this large-capacity solar generator system, with big power comes big charging time in the sun.

The specifications for the Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus are:

  1. 1500 Watt Inverter / 100 Ah Battery.

  2. 20.87” height x 20.87” width x 14.57” length.

  3. With a weight of 116.6lbs., this heavy weight includes two built-in wheels for movement of this cube.

  4. Outlets contain: Two 115V AC outlets, Two 12V DC outlets, and Two 5V USB outlets, providing more than enough outlets to power all of your electronics.

  5. Charging times include the initial AC charge up to 43.2 hours and solar panel charging time of 32.4 hours at peak sunlight exposure.

  6. Solar panel maximum output: 5 panels x 16W (80W built-in).

  7. Monocrystalline solar panel.

  8. Solar panel efficiency is at 17% for this generator, only 2% below the best efficiency rating available. which is found in the SunSocket by Aspect Solar, seen above in this article.

  9. Solar charge controller maximum output of 20A

  10. AC charger rated current: 90–230V AC, 47–63Hz, 12V DC 5A

  11. Maximum solar panel array power expandable up to 300W

  12. AC output voltage (nominal) at 115V AC, 60Hz +/- 4Hz

  13. AC output power capacity (continuous) of 1,500W (3,600 at its peak)

  14. AC modified sine wave.

  15. Operates best at 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees.

  16. Maximum Inverter Efficiency of 90%

  17. This model features a low battery alarm, which sounds at 10.5V +/- 0.5V

  18. The shutdown occurs at 9.5V +/- 0.5V

  19. The battery is a sealed AGM/Gel Hybrid.

  20. Internal battery voltage is 12V DC, nominal.

  21. Maximum load current through the 12-volt DC power socket (continuous) is 15A

  22. USB maximum output current of 2.1A

  23. 2 year warranty (note that excludes the battery)

The Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus is hefty but portable, contains monster energy via solar power, but takes many hours to charge up fully, being such a high-capacity powerhouse. This robust and excellent solar panel portable offsets the time it takes to charge with how much power it can contain and provide through many and various type of outputs. The Solar e Power Cube 1500 is an extremely impressive system.

Finding the right solar generator system is a difficult (and fun) part of shopping around for a generator that will give you endless free power wherever and whenever you need it. Charge during the day, use the energy at night; use continuously during the day for work; or use sparingly during emergencies. Even in poor sunlight, these portable solar generators can charge up and provide you with the power you need.

To research more about various types of solar generators check out Earth-tech solar power gadgets to learn more about Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit. You can learn more here about solar generators.

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