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Solar Irrigation System-Solar Water Pump for Irrigation

Agriculture is one of the energy-intensive industries and switching to solar can help to reduce or mitigate greenhouse gases emission resulting from growing and harvesting food. 

The solar irrigation system is one of the solar technologies that can be used to help in irrigation replacing diesel-powered water pumps.

Generally, water pumping worldwide is reliant on traditional forms of energy such as diesel-powered water pumps.

Solar-powered water pumps can help to reduce reliance on diesel or coal-based electricity. Unlike traditional water pumps, solar water pumping is less expensive when looking at the life-cycle costs, including the initial, operation, and maintenance costs. Solar water pumps also do not have environmental costs resulting from noise or air pollution.

The solar irrigation system is made up of?

With the decreasing solar panel cost, solar irrigation pumps are becoming popular especially in rural places without access to the national grid.

A typical solar irrigation system consists of a minimum, a PV array, a motor, and a bore pump and can cost anywhere between $1,500 (smaller pumps) while the larger systems can run to over $20,000.

Most irrigation pumps are usually not more than 2 horsepower in size and the lifespan of the systems is somewhere about 20 years or more.

Solar irrigation pumps or solar water pumping can be a good solution for places that need water for irrigation. Solar pumps are ideal to switch to solar to help reduce operational costs that may be incurred with diesel-powered which need regular fuel to run.

There are various vendors selling solar powered water pumps. Some of the most popular brands of solar pumps on the market include: 1. Dankoff Solar 2. Flexcon Industries 3. Grundfos 4. Shurflo 5. Solar Converters Inc 6. Square D 7. SunPumps

These are some of the brands of solar water pumps and designed in different ways. Here we provide a brief review of these brands:

1.Dankoff Solar

Dankoff Solar claims to be as one of the manufacturers of the best solar water pumps. Apart from that, the company distributes solar powered water pump components such as solar heating, electric power PV, as well as electrical systems, and so on.

The company has various kinds of products on the market today, and these are designed to fit different kinds of applications.

The company claims to have the most efficient, economical, and durable solar water pumps in the market. The company has been in business since 1983. They have customers from various parts of the world. The company has introduced different kinds of products to the market over the years.

2. Flexcon Industries Another leading manufacturers and distributors of solar powered water pumps are the Flexcon Industries. The company has in stock different kinds of pumps such as submersible pumps, irrigation pumps as well as irrigation pumps and these are solar powered water pumps.

3. Grundfos The company offers various kinds of solar submersible well pumps. These are ideal because they bring out high water volumes from wells and so on. The company over the years has produced and distributed various kinds of products such as SQFlex.

This is a superior product. It can pump well over seventy gallons every minute. There are different kinds of SQFlex models on the market, and there are at least eleven models and they operate almost in the same way. One thing great with SQFlex is that they versatile in that they can use different power sources. They can work on solar panels, as well as turbines, and the battery banks, and so on.

The minimum power measurement for most of the products is thirty volts. The solar submersible well pump can draw up to 8.4 amps to enhance the product’s performance. Furthermore, the product offers versatile control and this means that it has more than one control.

It is well designed and it can be efficient when you begin to use the product. For most of the products, a two-year warranty is always the standard. However, for those that cost more, you can get a warranty for five years.

4. Shurflo Shurflo has different solar powered water pumps that are composed of pumps and the necessary accessories. These pumps have interesting features that make them unique. Most of the products feature low amp draws. Moreover, they are consistent in their performance. Most importantly, they are durable. They can serve for a longer period more than you expect for this kind of product.

The company offers different kinds of submersible pumps, and these pumps are known to be durable. They are rugged. The 9300 series can offer 82 GPH steadily, and it can work at the depth of two hundred and thirty feet. To reach that depth it must be supplied with at least 24 VDC.

It can be used for a number of purposes such as irrigation, livestock watering, pond aeration, as well as cabins and homes. The product has some interesting features, including but not limited to: • It is corrosion-proof, • It features internal bypass and this is good for the pump protection • Furthermore the product is durable and does not require constant maintenance • It is quick to disconnect and uses a unique watertight connector • The product is well designed It is regarded as perfect for every home because of the low current draw. Moreover, because of the in-built pressure demand switch, it means that it can be used without any pressure tank. Various products from the company enjoy a lengthy warranty. Warranties range from two years and above.

5. Solar Converters Inc This is a solar powered water pump manufacturing and distribution company. Over the years, the company has developed a number of product lines and some of the great products from the company include battery equalizers, linear current boosters, cathodic protection controllers as well as PowerPoint tracker charger, constant voltage pump drivers, solar lighting controllers and so on. One of the greatest products from the company includes the PPT 12/24-40 Linear Current pump. This is a great product and it can boast of 1200W. It can be used together with Heat Sink as well as Diode Kit.  This product is waterproofed and it is ultra-efficient. It is transient protected on the output and input. The design is fantastic and it can improve water flow even when there is a reduction in sunlight condition. The product equally enjoys a lengthy warranty.

6. Square D This is another solar pump company when it comes to the distribution and manufacture of solar powered water pumps. Their product is compatible with submersible pumps, jet pumps, as well as reciprocating pumps. The installation of its products is easy. They enjoy the warranty for eighteen months and more. The products are reliable. Instructions are available that can guide you on how to install them. Moreover, the product does not leak. Their pumps can be used to deliver water from wells as well as inside drilled holes. The company is known for the production of superior quality pumps.

7. SunPumps SunPumps make a great product and the products are known for their efficiency and low cost. Most of the brands of the company are designed with stainless steel materials, super-strong Ryton, as well as corrosion-resistant and durable materials.

Among the great products from this company includes the SDS-Q pump series. They have many models from the company and these brands are effective. One of the great features of PCA and BLS series is that they can boost the water supply even when there is a drop in sunlight. The products have a two-year warranty.

Click here to learn more about some specific solar water-powered pumps. For any questions about going solar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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