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Solar Panel Backpack Reviews 

A solar panel backpack is a cloth that is carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. This component is also equipped with thin-film solar cells and batteries.

The solar panels are known to convert sunlight into electricity that in turn is stored in the cells and can be used to power portable electronic appliances, for instance, mp3 players and mobile phones.

This backpack can provide you with the power of up to 120watts a day. The following are some of the backpacks that you can find in the market.

ECEEN Hydration Solar Panel Backpack

This is a solar powered bicycle backpack that has all the functionality and design of a well-equipped bag that has been added green and earth-friendly solar charging module. This bag has a 1.8 liters water bag inside to allow you to hydrate any time during your riding expeditions.

The front flap features a flexible, light-weight, integrated solar charger for your cell phone, iPad, or tablet for all the times that you will not have a power outlet. The powerful 10,000mAh Li-Polymer is designed with the latest solar panel technology. It is great for kids that are going to school and even travelers.  Learn more or buy it at Amazon.


Several people may see it be like camo, but the solar eclipse backpack has been designed with a style that stands out from the rest. With its charging module that provides 4 watts of power, you can now bring back to live your gadgets that had been lying dead in the store. For instance, you will never be worried about that critical missing text from that cutie you just met in a biology class. It is also sufficient to carry all your books, and its lining is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Buy it Amazon

Ivation 7 W Solar Charging Panel

This is an ingenious innovation that has brought all utilities into one lightweight, portable package. It has been designed to fit like a comfortable backpack that will soon become a permanent, indispensable fixture on your packing list. It is intended with a 7-watt, 6-volt solar panel that features high-efficiency cells and a resistant anti-scratch coating. What you have never known is that premium solar cells deliver unmatched performance and reliability in all environments. The panel is also removable which means you can remove it and point to any direction that you need. Get it at Amazon.

SolarGoPack solar powered backpack

This is a durable, stylish bag that is equipped with a solar panel that can be used to charge your mobile devices. The solar panel that has been placed on the backpack is used to power a rechargeable battery that can, in turn, charge your devices. Now, sometimes you need to charge your cell phone, iPad, or tablet, and you don’t have a power outlet or even a charging cable with you; this is the best device that you can use. The battery that comes with this kit will charge a dead cell phone very quickly as well as your tablets and many other mobile devices. Get it at Amazon

ECEEN Solar Backpack-10 W

It is time for you to share the sun but first, you have to acquire this backpack that has all the functionality and looks of a well-equipped kit with the addition of a solar charging feature. The front flap features a light-weight, flexible, and integrated solar panel that is responsible for powering your battery to store charge so that you can use it as you walk or hike. The pockets that have been fitted on either side of this backpack are large enough to hold sports bottles. Inside it, there is enough space where you can carry your tablet and other items that you need of even don’t need. This kit has been made to take sufficiently care for your needs. Check it out at Amazon

Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag

This voltaic generator is the first solar panel backpack powerful enough to charge a laptop. It comes with a solar panel that generates up to 16 watts using 18% efficient cells, enough to fully charge the voltaic battery in 7 hours. It has a battery pack that extends the runtime of a laptop up to 2x, fills smartphones up to 8times. It is also handy as it comes with common adaptors for connection to laptops, phones, iPhone, iPod, and other handheld devices through a USB adapter. Buy it

To use with a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook you will need a reconfigured apple MagSafe adapter which you can obtain at Amazon.  It also comes with a solar panel that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and UV resistant while it’s solar panel efficiency is high at 18% and is made of monocrystalline cells. The panel generates up to 15 watts of power which will recharge the voltaic battery from approximately 7 hours of direct sunlight. 

Technology keeps on changing each day and in fact, it changes each minute. We are in an era where phones, tablets, and other related devices are necessary for our lives and a must-have for everyone.

But maintaining their charge is the problem. Now, why should you worry when we have these solar backpacks here for you? They can keep your phones, and other devices charged all day all the time. What you need is to have time and go and buy it.

These are the best in the market, and they are affordable. You will get the best customer service and in fact, as soon as your order is received, it starts being processed so that you get it soon.

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