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Solar-powered gadgets for camping

How can solar power benefit campers?

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family and enjoy the beauty of nature. After all, who wouldn’t want to go hiking for hours without worrying about running out of battery juice on their gadgets? With solar energy, you don’t have to worry anymore as solar panels are now capable of generating enough electricity for your gadgets even when there’s no sun. Here are some solar-powered gadgets that should come in handy if you plan to go camping:

A small solar panel (5 volts):

A small solar panel provides up to 5 volts which is sufficient enough to charge your phone and other gadgets. Just plug in your device, unfold the solar panel to expose the solar cells, position it towards the sun for a couple of hours and you’re good to go.

This solar-powered gadget works best when hung outdoors during sunny days. Just ensure that it gets 8 hours of sunlight daily in order for this solar charger to work properly. It can charge 2 USB devices at one time which is great if you share gadgets with friends or family members when camping.

Solar flashlights

It’s certainly not advisable to light up an indoor campsite using candles because they are hazardous when exposed to fire or other combustible materials. With solar flashlights, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as solar panels are incorporated into these flashlights in order to capture solar energy which is then stored into a rechargeable solar-powered battery.

Solar lamp

Here’s another solar gadget that you can use to light up your campsite at night. To make it solar-powered, they’ve installed solar cells on either side of this flashlight. The solar power is stored in a rechargeable solar-powered battery which provides bright LED lighting as long as the solar cells are exposed to sunlight for a couple of hours each day.

If you plan to go hiking or camping during cloudy days, you’ll have no problem bringing this solar lamp with you because it also includes a super capacitor inside which allows this lamp to continue working even if there’s no sunlight for an extended period of time. This lamp is ideal for emergency purposes since it has a solar-powered battery that can provide light for up to 10 hours when charged.

This solar lamp attaches easily to backpack and is solar-powered by a solar panel integrated on one side which absorbs solar energy during the day and stores it in a solar-powered rechargeable lithium battery. The LED lighting can last up to 3 hours and it’s great for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and biking.

Solar laptop charger

If you plan on using your laptop outdoors but don’t want an electrical cord attached to it while doing so, why not get a solar laptop charger instead? With this solar gadget, you can charge your laptop anywhere without worrying about running out of battery juice thanks to its solar cells that absorb sunlight during the day and store it in a solar-powered rechargeable battery.

This solar laptop charger comes with two USB charging ports in order to charge more than one device at once. Design-wise, this solar laptop charger is lightweight, compact and easy to use whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Solar-powered batteries

If you aren’t fond of solar gadgets that can be difficult to bring along if there’s no sun then check out these solar flashlights which are solar-powered by 4 double A batteries instead of solar panels. Just like the other solar flashlights mentioned above, it captures solar energy during the day and stores it into the batteries where it can then release bright LED lighting for up to 3 hours when charged properly.

Solar flowers

Okay, so what when you go camping but forget to pack solar-powered batteries for your solar gadgets? Don’t worry, you can still have light at night using solar flowers which are solar-charged by sunlight during the day and glow in the dark once it’s charged.

This solar flower is a great outdoor accessory whether you need illumination for walking outdoors, biking or sprucing up your campsite with some ambient lighting. The solar flower attaches easily to your garden or anywhere outdoors where it absorbs sunrays all throughout the day and glows beautifully when night falls.

This particular solar flashlight has a unique feature that sets it apart from other solar flashlights – a solar panel on top of the flashlight that captures enough sunlight during the day so you’ll never have to spend another penny on batteries again.

This solar flashlight also includes a solar-powered battery on the back of it which can store solar energy taken from solar cells located on top of the light so you can use bright LED lighting during night time for up to 12 hours.

Solar keychain flashlights

If you’re looking for an option that’s low-priced yet rechargeable, solar keychain flashlights are great options. These solar gadgets are affordable, lightweight and compact enough to be carried wherever you go without worrying too much about space or storage issues.

To make this solar keychain flashlight charge itself at night, they’ve installed solar panels inside its transparent casing which absorbs sunlight during daytime. A solar-powered battery is placed inside as well which makes sure the lights inside are powered up all throughout the day to last until nighttime.

These solar keychain flashlights come in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose whichever solar-powered keychain flashlight suits your personality the most.

If you want solar gadgets for camping that are even more compact, solar credit card flashlights easily fit inside your wallet so it’s always carry-on ready. These solar flashlights measure no bigger than a typical credit card which makes them super lightweight and easy to take along anywhere you go without worrying too much about their weight or bulkiness.

Solar flashlights that charge through solar panels on one side and solar batteries on the other can be difficult to attach onto walls since they don’t stick very well and instead only lean against smooth surfaces like glass doors and windows.

Solar sticky tabs

To solve this solar gadget issue, solar sticky tabs are great solar gadgets especially for those who want to stick solar-powered devices on their walls or windows without having to worry about it falling off or moving around. Solar sticky tabs easily attach and detach solar gadgets like solar lamps and smaller solar speakers anywhere you like without much hassle at all.

Solar string lights

Adding a fun element into outdoor illumination, solar string lights are great if you’re just looking to decorate your campsite with some ambience lighting – of course, they also double as solar-powered lighting that doesn’t need batteries of any sort just by sticking them onto surfaces where sunlight hits during daytime.

If there isn’t enough area outdoors where the sun hits, don’t fret because solar string lights come with solar rechargeable batteries that give your solar gadgets the juice they need to power up and glow at night.

Solar-powered camping gadgets like solar headlamps and lamps are great solar accessories for camping since you can attach them to tents or on tables so you don’t have to worry about not having light when it’s getting dark outside. The solar panels capture solar energy all throughout the day while giving you super bright LED lighting no matter how dark it gets.

If you want a set of solar flashlights that work just as fine, opt for solar lanterns that comes in the form of handheld flashlights and larger hanging lanterns made from durable materials like nylon and rubber encasing each one. These solar lanterns usually come with solar batteries that can be charged up during daytime while solar panels on top of the solar lanterns absorbs all the sunlight it can.

No matter where you’re going or what you plan to do while camping, solar gadgets for camping are essential whether it’s day or night without worrying too much about running out of battery life so be sure to spend a little extra and get solar flashlights, solar lamps, solar sticky tabs and more at your local sporting goods store!

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