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Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar powered devices are really everywhere now. They have just exploded in popularity. People might think that there are some built-in limitations with solar energy. There are fewer limitations involved than people think, and experts are finding new uses for solar power all the time.

Using a solar water pump is going to give people more options when it comes to almost anything that they might want to do with water outside.

What is a solar powered pond pump?

A solar powered pond pump is particularly is a solar PV technology that is used to drive the filtration system for a pond to keep it healthy by maintaining the waterfalls, rivers and streams necessary for the life of the pond.

A solar powered pond pump needs to be reliable, energy efficient and should be able to run 24 hours a day, 7days a week without having problems or needing to be switched off.

As such, a solar powered water pump is a great technology that makes this process a little bit cost effective because a battery storage and solar panels would be great to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the running costs of such a pond pump system.

However, even for the people who just want to set up a nice fountain in the back yard, a solar powered water pump might be just the device that they need.

Examples of common solar water pumps

1. ASC Solar Water Pump Kit for Fountain Pool and Pond (1.6W Battery/Timer LED)

This solar water pump is used to maintain a fountain or pond, keeping it bubbling and maintaining its internal environment. It can be used outdoors and comes with a battery, timer and LED light to keep it running.

The cord is longer than most, which can make it more convenient to use. Due to the three different operation modes, this device is more versatile and very efficient device that people should be able to use in order to generate a lot of power.

It is generally very easy to use and that should work well in general while the LED and battery fixture should makes this solar powered water pump significantly more versatile than many of the similar devices, which often need direct sunlight in order to work at all.

However, it has its own disadvantages such as that it requires sunlight to run and at night you will need batteries to store extra power generated during the day to power it at night. While the longer cord might potentially cause problems in some cases.

2. Anself 17V 10W Solar Power Water Pump for Garden Pond Fountains Landscape

This solar powered water pump will work with both ponds and fountains. Customers can use this for a small waterfall. This solar water pump is good for the environment, since it is low-carbon in every way. At less than five pounds, this is a very portable solar powered water pump. Also, people can be able to save energy and water while using it.

This solar water pump that has a startup time of only about three seconds and it should be easy to use for most people.

However, just like all other solar water pumps, people are going to need to have a sufficiently sunny place for this water pump. It won’t receive solar power as well as something with much larger panels and it lacks any sort of built-in filter.

3. Solar Water Pump Kit 400+GPH with 12V Brushless Submersible Water Pump and 20 Watt Solar Panel for DIY Solar Powered Pond, Fountain, Water Feature, Hydroponics, Aquarium, Aquaculture

This solar powered water pump is used with almost any body of water or water feature and it works for professional aquaculture and hydroponics.


– This is a very versatile water pumping kit.

– This is a sustainable water pump kit.

– With a life of twenty-thousand hours or more, it’s possible to get a lot of use out of it.

– It’s capable of being completely submerged in water.

– People can take out and replace the filter easily.

– Connecting this device should be easy, and its motor will work just as effectively.

– This solar powered water pump kit is completely friendly to all aquatic ecosystems and the creatures in them.


– This pump might not be as strong as some models.

– The solar panel for this pump is not as strong as some others.

– This pump is available online but might be difficult to find in stores.

4. AEO 12V – 24V DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump, 410GPH, for Solar Fountain, Fish Pond, and Aquarium

This solar water pump works for both indoor and outdoor ponds and water features and it should work for both largely natural fish ponds and fountains.


– The pump cage can be removed quickly and simply.

– The brush-less motor requires very little maintenance.

– It can work all day and every day, and it should last for twenty thousand hours or more.

– If people connect a device like this to a solar panel, they will get a device that appears to keep on working on its own with almost no other inputs.

– This solar powered water pump should be completely safe for all aquatic life. There is no oil that will contaminate the aquatic habitat.

– People will not need to lubricate the system at any point.

– This is a perfectly safe device and people will not have to introduce toxins into an aquatic environment in order to use it.


– This pump is not as durable as some.

– Some people might find this water pump difficult to set up initially.

– This is another solar water pump that is easier to find online than in stores.

5. LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump Garden Water Pump for Courtyard,Maximum Flow 380L/h

This solar water pump will work mainly for fountains and it can create a waterfall effect.


– Installing this device is easy, and taking it apart should be just as simple.

– The design for the device is straightforward.

– This solar-powered water pump is very efficient.

– The pump has a continuous and perfect flow that makes it seem like a natural water channel.

– At less than two pounds, this is a light item.


– It will still need sunnier days in order to operate at peak efficiency.

– This pump is not as versatile as some of the others on the market.

– The solar panel has sharp edges.

– People will have an easier time finding this online than in stores.

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