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Solar World Panels Reviews

Green energy is the future. Solar energy has never been as efficient as it is today. Investing in solar panels is a large initial outlay but, unlike gas, it will begin to pay itself off year on year. Getting that investment right at the first time of asking is going to be a tough ask, which is why we’re bringing you an expert review of the Sun Module series by Solar World Panels.

Solar World Panels is a US-based trail-blazer in the solar energy industry. They recently unveiled a 21.7% efficiency panel, the highest efficiency of any panel worldwide. The panels are manufactured in the US and the EU which means you get a top build quality, plus if something goes wrong, you won’t have to ship parts across continents. We’re going to look at five of their high performing panels.

Before we get into the review though, I’d like to go over a few key things that we’re looking for in a good solar panel. Efficiency is a good place to start when you’re looking to invest in a solar panel. Efficiency is measured by how much of the sunlight that hits the panel is converted into usable energy. We’ll also be reviewing the cost, the quality, and warranty, as well as the looks of the Sun Module series to help you decide which of these products is for you.

Sunmodule Plus SW 290 – 300 Mono with a Black Frame (Solar World Panels)

The Sunmodule Plus SW290-300 Mono is a pretty looking panel with its aluminum black frame. It has a maximum output of 290W and measures 1 meter in width, with a 1.5-meter length. What really strikes me about this panel is the efficiency. Each module has an efficiency of 17.3% which situates the SW 290 as a premium piece of green energy equipment.

Solar World Panels has built a reputation off the back of their quality construction and build quality. In the first year, this panel will decline by about 3% which is an industry-standard. The impressive technology in the Sunmodule plus means that from the 2nd year to the 25th the panel will only decline a mere 0.7%.

Solar World Panels are so confident in their manufacture that they provide a performance warranty of 25 years with a linear performance guarantee of 20 years. Having a warranty as good as that really takes the risk out of an investment.

Sunmodule Plus SW 285-290

Similar to it’s a slightly larger brother, the Sunmodule Plus SW 285 looks great, with sleek black panels. It’s also very light-weight with high weather resistance. This thing is built to sustain the harshest conditions, wind, rain, hail you name it. The Sunmodule Plus SW 285 is capable of handling loads up to 178psf and is given an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare.

The Sunmodule Plus SW285 offers a very respectable performance given its lower price. It converts 17% of sunlight into a 285W output with a 3% decline in the first year and a 0.7% decline in the 24 years after. It also operates effectively at -40 degrees. At the other end of the scale, it offers the same output at +80 Celsius.

The US-based solar panel manufacture means that if something goes wrong you won’t have to apply for parts from the other side of the world. Plus, the Solar World Panels team offers a 25-year linear performance warranty. That means if the performance drops below what’s listed here, you can get a replacement or repair at no extra cost. They also offer a 20-year warranty for the product itself guaranteeing against faulty parts. A very solid investment for the price.

Sunmodule SW 340 – 350 XL mono

This panel offers a phenomenal output for its size. The panel is 1 meter in width and just under 1.5 meters in height. For that, you get a 340W output with a 17% efficiency. The Sunmodule SW 340 XL is perfect for those with limited roof space or sunlight because you get a serious output from a minimal amount of coverage.

As with all the Sunmodule series, the SW340 XL is highly weather-resistant and it uses a patented corner drainage system to reduce maintenance. It is slightly more expensive because you get more cells per module. If you have a lot of roof space, then it makes sense to opt for the cheaper models. But, if you’re space is limited, the Sunmodule SW340 XL is the only way to go for useful, efficient, and low maintenance green energy.

Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 (Solar World Panels)

The Bisun Protect series is premium quality solar technology that offers the highest energy yields without taking up any extra space. The Sunmodule Bisun series uses dual cells in each unit, which can boost energy efficiency by up to 25%. When Solar World Panels tested these units in optimal conditions the maximum output of the 290 can run all the way up to 367 Watts.

As you would expect with all Solar World Panels, the build quality is excellent and you get the standard warranties, 25 years for linear performance, and 20 years for the product. Furthermore, these panels are highly weather resistant. The Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 offers a huge yield that offsets the heavier price tag.

Sunmodule Bisun protect 280 clear

The Bisun series 280 offers a very efficient yield with the added caveat of attractive clear cell design. Each cell is dual-layered to increase its output. That means, in optimal conditions, you get a power boost of 25%, pushing up to an incredible 355 Watt output from a 1 meter by 1.5-meter panel. The panel’s efficiency is 18% that rises to a stunning 21.33% in ideal conditions.

Despite the somewhat hefty price tag, Sun World Panels provide a 30-year linear performance guarantee with a 25-year product warranty. A strong build quality combined with a highly weather-resistant construction places the Bisun protect series as a market leader in solar panel production. Editors pick.

Overall, if you’re looking at investing in renewable energy Solar World Panels offer premium products, high on efficiency with excellent warranties. Although the prices may be slightly higher than some products on the market, the price is off-set by the longevity of these panels. Some of which you won’t have to replace for at least thirty years.

If you are looking to go solar and you want to know how to go solar while reducing solar costs, please click here to get started. Also, learn more about solar, i.e. is solar worth it to see what financial benefits solar can provide for your home or business.

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