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SunPower Solar Panels Review – Why SunPower has some of the best solar panels in the solar PV

Not all solar panels are created equal and when it comes to finding the right solar for your home or business you want to select the best equipment that is worth your money.

You also want to make sure that you will get a return on investment for the type of solar panels that you are planning to install on your roof or in the space available.

You may want to research about solar panels from SunPower and this SunPower solar panels review could be great start for you.

SunPower Solar Panels Review

SunPower is one of the leading solar panels manufacturers in the world and has been manufacturing solar PV panels for the last 33 years with its global headquarters based in San Jose, California. It has offices in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Its solar panels have one of the highest solar panel efficiency in the world (SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology).

Solar panels from SunPower are some of the best in the world because of their high efficiency and high reliability compared to most panels in the market today. SunPower also has been in the solar business for decades and has a leading role when it comes to solar innovation and solar manufacturing best practices.

SunPower solar panels come with the best product warranty of up to the lifespan of its solar panels which is about 25 years. This compared to conventional solar panels is way high and differentiates itself from its competition. Normally, most solar panel manufacturers offer product warranties of between 10 to 15 years.

Why SunPower stands out in the solar market?

Solar panels from SunPower have the highest solar panel efficiency in the market. Solar panel efficiency is usually expressed as a percentage (%) and it is the ability of a solar panel to convert sunlight into electricity. High efficiency solar panels even though a little bit expensive than low efficiency solar panels; require less space because the high the efficiency, the fewer solar panels are needed to produce solar power and vice-versa.

SunPower solar panels produce 25-39% more solar energy compared to most solar panels in the market. Solar panel efficiency from SunPower ranges between 22.4% – 22.9% and hence represents the highest reported efficiencies in the solar industry for the monocrystalline/polycrystalline PV technology. For example, SunPower® X-Series panels deliver 38% more power while SunPower® E-Series panels deliver 31% more power compared to conventional solar panels from other market players.

High solar panel efficiencies come handy for houses or businesses that want to go solar, but have no enough roof space. Such houses or businesses may want to consider installing high efficiency solar panels such as those from SunPower in order to reduce space requirements.

Secondly, SunPower has invested a lot in research and development (R&D) and have proved to have the most durable solar panels in the market. As such, solar panels from SunPower have the longest product warranties compared to other solar manufacturers. SunPower panels average only 0.25% power loss per year over the first 25 years and it predicts its future PV panels will have a useful life of more than 40 years. In addition, SunPower panels ranked #1 in Fraunhofer durability testing. SunPower claim that one out of every 20,000 panels has been returned under warranty.

Third, SunPower Corporation is listed in the NASDAQ: SPWR stock exchange and is known to design or manufacture the highest efficiency solar panels with the highest reliability in the market today. SunPower caters for all market segments in the solar industry including residential, business, government and utility-scale PV systems.

Lastly, SunPower has a long track record in the solar panels manufacturing with a total solar energy generated from its solar panels of over 18 million megawatt hour (MWh). When it comes to research and development, SunPower has more than 750 patents for solar technology and has invested heavily in its R&D programs to improve solar panels efficiency, quality and the general performance of its solar panels.

Finding the right SunPower solar panels for your home or business

With this background, you’re probably interested in researching more about SunPower solar panels to find out what solar panel model will be the right one for your home or business. When it comes to solar panels and technology, SunPower has the following solar PV models for your review i.e.

  1. SunPower X-Series Solar Panels

  2. SunPower E-Series Solar Panels

  3. SunPower P-Series Solar Panels

These PV technologies come with different solar solutions, including, but not limited to:

For more details, you may want to visit SunPower’s website. If you want to make comparisons with other solar brands, visit EnergySage to compare the pricing, solar panel efficiency or just the best solar panels that you are able to afford based on your specific situation.

Finding the right solar for you may not be as easy as it sounds and may be affected by several factors, including but not limited to affordability, size of the PV system, solar potential, financing as well as the size of space available to install your solar panels. Other site-specific parameters such as shading may affect your solar PV decision and you may want to use online solar tools such as a solar panel cost calculator to check for any obstructions or shading that will affect you solar potential.

Such a solar panel cost calculator uses LIDAR technology to simplify the process of determining your site-specific solar potential, costs and solar savings that can be achieved when you install solar panels on your rooftop.

Join EnergySage today and start your research process aided with online tools that will help you make more informed decisions, including but not limited to knowing your solar potential, which solar panels will be best for you, how many solar panels you need to go solar and determine any shading that might be obstructing your rooftop.

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