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The online Solar Energy System from EnergySage

The online solar energy system is from EnergySage – the company that applies big-data geometrics, including  historical weather data to compute precise solar energy resource with an instant, accurate analysis of solar savings based on energy production potential, electric utility bills and financing plans specific to the individual home or business. 

With this data a 3D representation of neighborhoods is created and using simulation it is possible to calculate how much sun a rooftop gets at any particular time of the year which is a key factor to help determine costs and benefits to answer the question: Are solar panels worth it? 

Using this system, you can  generate your free online customized solar panel cost plans, that include financing options, your specific energy and money savings and your current energy consumption. 

In addition, it generates your specific solar energy production profile and the amount of energy (from your current utility company) that you can offset with your new solar power system. Your energy profile is generated based on your specific physical features of your building such as shading, slope and orientation of your roof. Learn more by clicking the banner below to see your customized solar energy profile that will enable you to switch to solar today!

Other similar online solar energy systems  that operate like the EnergySage  include the new Google Project Sunroof which is currently at a pilot stage and only covers homes in the San Francisco Bay Area; Fresno, California; and Boston, but will provide nationwide services. Other solar energy companies utilizing similar online solar energy systems include Pick My Solar and Solar-Estimate which are also used by solar consumers for going solar. Visit the EnergySage online solar energy and learn more here

How to Use the Online Solar Energy System from EnergySage.  

The analyzed information for your specific roof gives a more accurate picture about how many hours of usable sunlight is hitting your roof and how much of this can be used to reduce your energy consumption from your utility company thus saving your home or business money. 

In addition, this online solar energy system shows your best solar energy production options at the best price while taking advantage of the government incentives available and at the same time giving you options for how to finance your solar power system even with no money down. 

To use the online solar energy system, you can type your address here to see your online based customized solar report that provides you with information about your energy savings you will achieve when you install solar panels. At the same time, you will discover the best solar panel financing options available for your specific needs.

The process is simple once you type your address as explained below. You may use the following steps to generate your customized solar panel cost report: 

  1. Your satellite location will be shown on google maps and all you need to do is confirm you address or location on the google satellite: 

  2.  After your satellite location is confirmed, you are provided with information about how many solar panels are needed for your solar power system, how much power they will generate and your current energy costs as well as how much you will save when you switch to solar.  

  3. Information about how you will save money and how you will finance your solar panels is also provided and you are given the option to see your savings on charts. 

  4.  Additional information about government incentives you qualify for, financing options, money and energy savings is provided to you at the click of the mouse to enable you to make an informed decision to going solar.

You are also provided with a list of certified solar installers to choose from and you can click the banner below to start the process of going solar

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