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Top Solar Charger Brands on Amazon | BLAVOR, GOERTEK, BIGBLUE

Solar chargers are devices that convert solar energy into electrical energy to charge batteries. This is done by using the photovoltaic effect, where light strikes a semiconductor and creates an electric field from one side of the material to another. Solar chargers can be used for many different purposes such as powering lights at remote campsites or charging phones when there’s no power outlet available insight.

There are five main types: portable solar generators; roof-mounted panels; window-mounted panels; backpacks with built-in battery packs and solar paneling on them (solar backpack); handheld solar cells which generate electricity through the kinetic motion like swinging or shaking it around.

The solar chargers that are sold on Amazon include a Blavor, GoerTek, BigBlue, Soluser, YOESOID, FEELLE and Anker. The solar charger brands vary in price range from $20 to $80 with the most expensive one being the GOERTEK at over $200. All of these companies have different products for sale as well so you can find what’s best suited for your needs and budget.

It’s important that you know what kind of solar charger brands there are on Amazon before making your purchase so you don’t end up with something not suited for your needs. Solar chargers vary in price range from $20-$80, but they all have different features which will help dictate where they fall into the pricing spectrum. Be sure to research any company before buying their product because sometimes cheaper prices mean lower quality products!

You will not be paying for electricity or topping your battery off with a plug charging when you use one of these great products! They’re also lightweight so they won’t weigh down your backpack while traveling. There is no need for cords or outlets which makes it very convenient to charge anywhere without being limited by where an outlet may be located.

Charging can happen even on cloudy days too because it all depends on how much light there is shining on the solar panel that’s been exposed to the sun.

Solar chargers offer many advantages but also have disadvantages such as needing sunlight, having less battery life (unless using an external charger), and unable to charge while moving around the town. But if you want eco-friendly charging with little space taken up, then try solar chargers out for yourself!

Solar Chargers Brands on Amazon

BLAVOR was founded in 2012 by three people: a solar industry veteran, an engineer, and the creator of an award-winning solar system. Their goal is to make high-quality chargers that are environmentally friendly. They manufacture their products in China; but import them into Europe where they have distribution centers in Italy, Germany, and France.

The company sells two types of the solar battery charger (solar power bank): one for smartphones and another for tablets or other devices which require more charge than your average smartphone will need on a short trip away from civilization – like camping trips! The former has a capacity of 5000mAh while the latter can store up to 10000mAh worth of energy per charge cycle. Both come with two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time.

The default configuration for both packs is a solar panel that can convert sunlight into electricity and store it in a battery pack; but there are other options as well: one with just a solar charger (no batteries), or another which includes an optional extra battery backup, should your trip turn out not to be short after all!

If you’re going away on vacation then this might come in handy: BLAVOR also sells solar chargers compatible with American electrical outlets – so if you plan on visiting Canada, Australia, or in countries where they use 240 volts instead of 120 volts power supplies like in Europe, you will need an adapter.

This product also includes a built-in flashlight so it’ll come in handy during emergency situations when relying only on what little light there may be around. With its dual USB outputs, this solar charger will charge your phone twice as fast, saving you both time and money.

The GOERTEK solar charger is a great option for those who are looking to keep their devices fully charged while they’re out on the road – with its dual input port, you can charge both your phone and laptop at the same time!

It includes two USB output ports which have an output of 12 watts each as well as four different adapters that will allow compatibility across a range of laptop brands such as Dell Latitude E5430 Series Laptop or HP Chromebook x360 14-ba009wm. There’s also one microUSB input port which allows higher capacity battery recharging via this device too!

It has five output ports: USB ports (two), solar panel without cable, solar panel with 16ft cable, and micro USB input port.

It’s resistant to dust, water splash, and short circuit; it also comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal preference!

BigBlue has a solar charger with a portable power bank and BlueTooth speaker. It is compact, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. The solar panel can be used to charge the device’s battery or phone as well as other digital devices such as tablets, cameras, handheld games consoles, and MP players.

With an AC plug adapter, it also includes USB ports for charging electrical items that are not compatible with solar panels (i.e., laptops). It features five LED lights to indicate how much battery life remains on the product itself: green means full; yellow indicates medium levels of energy left in the battery; red signifies low energy/power supply which will need recharging soonest; blue signals there is no remaining power at all available from this unit’s solar panel.

The BigBlue solar charger is a nifty and lightweight (weighing just one pound) dual-purpose device that can be used both as an emergency power supply for your cell phone when you are away from home or in areas without electricity, and also to charge the battery of your cell phone while on standby mode.

You simply plug this little machine’s USB connector into your USB port on either a computer or laptop, connect it with its own supplied MicroUSB cable to the output socket at the top of the unit, place it out in direct sunlight and wait until charged up – then use it all day long once back indoors! This is because, unlike other chargers that require constant charging throughout their usage period so they don’t run out of power, this solar charger can store the energy it accumulates from sunlight during the day for later use.

In conclusion, the solar charger market has evolved so much over the years, going from a power source that could only charge small devices to now being able to charge large items such as laptops and even cars. The advancements in solar technology make this change possible which is beneficial for both consumers and the environment! What are your thoughts on these changes? Share them with us below!

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