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Using a solar panel cost calculator to decide about going solar

A solar panel cost calculator is one of the online solar tools that can help you decide about going solar by providing you with just the right information that you may need to know before making this important decision.

A solar panel calculator is a vital tool for research and decision making that can help answer some of the common questions usually asked by solar buyers i.e.

  1. How much power can I generate from the sun?

  2. How many solar panels do I need?

  3. What is my solar panel cost?

  4. How much can I save with solar?

  5. Are solar panels worth it?

  6. How much roofing area will be suitable for solar panels?

A solar panel calculator from EnergySage or Pick My Solar in addition to giving you details about solar panel costs and saving; it will give you information on:

  1. Solar panel financing in your local area based on different interest rates and whether you can obtain solar panels with little or no money down.

  2. Pre-screened solar installers that can install your solar panels

  3. At least three quotes of how much it costs to go solar while including different financing options available including no money down options.

A solar panel calculator from EnergySage or Geostellar utilizes LIDAR technology meaning the data you obtain from it is more accurate from a regular solar panel calculator which tend to use default values rather than real data collected on the roof of your household such as the amount of sunlight hiting your roof and other data used to calculate solar energy potential.

Use of a solar panel calculator is as easy as checking your emails online because the only thing you need to do is provide it with the address of where you want to install solar panels and as a result, the results you get are more specific or customized for your rooftop.

Although, the figures you get are just estimates and once you register with either EnergySage or Geostellar, you wll get expert advice concerning the size of the solar panel system that you might end up installing on your roof.

The solar panel calculator from EnergySage or Geostellar was developed with support from the government under the Sunshot Initiative with the aim of increasing solar energy uptake in the country while helping to lower the cost of going solar. Learn more about EnergySage or Geostellar solar panel calculator.

Also today you can get more information here about Solar Power Products available in today’s market. 

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