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Why go solar with an online solar marketplace?

Where to start? 

Are solar panels worth it

You might be wondering where to start if you want to make the decision to go solar. A while ago, this process was a bit complicated, because if you wanted to do your research, information about solar was fragmented and it might have proven it hard because of inadequate information.

However, today with the worldwide web, it is possible to conduct research about solar and especially with regards to the costs and benefits of going solar.

In that regard, many people searching online to go solar are interested in knowing whether solar panels are worth it or not; how many solar panels they may need to switch to solar; how much solar panels cost; the types of solar panels needed; what is the solar panel cost? and so on. 

With search engines such as google, bing, and others you can type any question and be provided with many answers to your questions or the information you are looking for. Although the information found as a result of typing on these search engines may take time and maybe not provide you with a personalized report about your solar case. That’s why solar market places come handy these days as they provide you with personalized solar information. All is required from you is typing your home or business address on this system.  

Online solar market places to go solar

With the onset of solar market places available on the world wide web, a few solar market places have been developed by different companies, including Google Project Sunroof, EnergySage, Pick My Solar, etc.

These solar market places provide users with a one-stop place to help consumers compare and contrast different plans for switching to solar. In addition, these market places help to connect solar consumers with solar energy providers in their area while sharing important information about going solar. 

So, why should you use an online solar market place to go solar? 

Online Solar market places have simplified the process of going solar and the only thing required from you is to type your address in the market place system.

This system pulls data from several sources, including google maps and other databases that provide information such as sunlight peak hours that would enable the system to calculate how much sun is hitting your roof.

As a result, it is possible to calculate how much solar you can produce solar panels in your home. The system is also able to calculate the percentage of your energy needs that can be met with solar energy produced from your solar panels.

To get a personalized solar report, you can visit here to determine your specific energy needs and how much you can save with solar using one of these solar market places called EnergySage.

The EnergySage solar market place runs on software that uses data that is gathered using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology that maps buildings or structures, including trees, utility poles or other objects in three dimensions, allowing this system to create a virtual world of shadows, slopes, and solar hot spots. LIDAR technology employs shooting of lasers or infrared light from a low-flying airplane.

Also, the EnergySage solar market place is one of the solar market places that has collected nationwide data in the USA to help homeowners find information and answers to questions about going solar, such as how many solar panels you need; how much solar panels cost; types of solar panels available in the market and their solar panel cost; are solar panels worth it? and so on. Specifically, the EnergySage market place and other solar market places provide you with the below information making it easier for you to find your personalized solar information: 

  1. Free customized solar energy plans

  2. Instant solar estimates that give consumers quick information about the costs and benefits of switching to solar.

  3. An online system that allows for comparison between different solar installers that empowers the solar consumer to choose their best option.

  4. Educational materials are provided to the consumers to enable them to make good choices about their solar energy system.

To get started click here to enjoy the above benefits of using a solar market place and find the solar information you are searching for in one place.

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