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More research show that 100% renewables worldwide is feasible!

More and more studies and research are showing that it is feasible to have 100% renewable energy worldwide at low cost. This is great news for the environment and for those who are concerned about climate change!

The shift to renewable energy will not only help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it will also create jobs and improve air quality.

It’s time for the world to embrace clean, renewable energy! Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this issue. You can find the details of the recently published study at the link below.

The world is slowly but surely transitioning to renewable energy

The world is on the brink of an exciting and hopeful revolution: we are entering a new era in which renewable energy will become the norm, outpacing traditional forms such as coal and oil. Although the transition won’t happen overnight, it appears to be on the fast track. In just a few years, solar and wind energies have found their way into our power grids in many different places around the globe.

They not only offer us a cleaner, greener solution for electricity but also offer better long-term solutions than most traditional sources of energy, given their practically infinite availability and lack of byproducts. Businesses are catching up to this trend too; companies big and small are investing more in renewables than ever before in order to both increase their profits while also increasing their impact on sustainability efforts.

As public awareness continues to grow on renewable energies’ advantages over non-renewables due to education initiatives that spread the word about how clean energy can help preserve natural resources, society will slowly but surely move away from traditional energy towards renewables at an increasing rate.

Given this shift, choosing renewable energy sources will become something that many people do instinctively. Eventually our societies will be powered nearly entirely by renewable sources such as wind and solar with minimal emissions from fossil fuels – it’s a future we can all look forward to!

A recent study shows that 100% renewables is feasible at low cost

Renewable energy has become increasingly accessible over the past decade, and recently a study was published that revealed some encouraging results. The study showed that transitioning to 100% renewable energy is not only possible, but can be done at relatively low cost. This comprehensive study took a deep dive into the world of renewable energy, exploring past research and its implications for our current trajectory towards 100% renewables as well as what potential future advances could bring.

The study titled “On the History and Future of 100% Renewable Energy Systems Research” concluded that:

•Since 2009, there has been an increase in the number of studies discussing the possibility of implementing a global 100% renewable energy system.

• There are three main groups of these studies, which can be distinguished by their focus on either optimization or simulation, and by their assumptions regarding the costs and potentials of different renewable resources.

• Several teams have found that it is possible to supply more than 90% of all electricity from solar PV and wind power in a 100% renewable energy system. However, only two teams have found that it is possible to meet 80% or more of total primary energy demand with these resources.

• A further finding is that strict cost optimization with latest solar PV costs leads to very high shares for solar PV in the overall mix. Conversely, a more diversified approach utilizing a broader variety of resources may also have value due to its lower political, social, and economic risks.

•Research in the field of 100% renewable energy systems is ongoing and constantly improving.

• Studies have been conducted on the energy return on investment for individual components, but there is a lack of data on whole system level.

• There is a need for more investigations into materials criticality in order to be able to address mitigation strategies effectively.

• Major international organizations are late followers in the shift towards highly renewable energy solutions, despite increasing pressure to do so.

•The majority of 100% renewable energy systems studies conclude that they can power all energy at low cost globally.

• The early 2020s saw an increased consensus that solar PV and wind will dominate the future energy system.

• New research is increasingly showing that 100% renewable energy systems are both feasible and cost effective, giving us a key to sustainable civilization.

Australia’s Engineering Roadmap Report for Unlocking 100% renewables

Australia has embarked on an ambitious journey towards reaching a future of 100% renewable energy and recently the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) unveiled its roadmap that outlines three crucial steps to ensure successful transition in the National Electricity Market (NEM). From power system security and operability, to resource adequacy and capability, each step comes with preconditions that must be met if this revolutionary goal is going to come into fruition.

In order to create a cleaner, greener future for Australia’s power grid and reduce its reliance on non-renewable resources, the Engineering Roadmap report outlines a comprehensive approach which combines wind & solar energy with pumped hydro storage and rooftop PV units. This pioneering study provides insight into both technical challenges as well as operational strategies that can help unlock this sustainable vision of 100% renewables.

According to AEMO, they have identified the need for advanced engineering solutions to maintain a secure state of operation as renewable energy becomes more prevalent. Technologies for stabilizing the grid due to increased penetration of intermittent wind and solar

It therefore looks increasingly likely that clean energy will become more widely available worldwide in the coming years. Whether or not countries decide to take advantage of these advancements could have a significant impact on our environment for generations to come.

This is good news for the environment and for the economy

We all know that we should be doing our part to protect the environment, but sometimes the costs associated with environmental investments can be prohibitive for businesses and governments. This is why the news of recent advancements in environmentally friendly technology is such welcome news.

Not only will these technologies help preserve natural resources, but they will also create employment opportunities and drive economic growth. This could include renewable energy sources like solar power or wind turbines, or advances in materials recycling and reuse technology. All of these developments are good news for the environment and the economy alike.

Environmentally conscious companies stand to benefit from lower operating costs while contributing to a more sustainable future. Governments are likely to see lower costs over time as well due to increased resource efficiency, while investing in clean energy technologies could provide even greater returns down the line.

It’s clear that environmental investment can be a win-win situation for everyone involved, and it’s encouraging to see societal and economic forces come together for a common cause. Investing in sustainability now could lead to long-term prosperity for us all.

We need to continue investing in renewable energy to make this happen

Renewable energy sources are a critical part of the future, powering our homes and workplaces without emitting harmful pollutants into the environment. We have seen tremendous progress in recent years in harnessing renewable energy, including solar, wind, and biomass.

However, to really make this transition complete, we need to continue investing heavily in renewable energy resources. It is imperative that governments make serious commitments to shifting their energy portfolios away from fossil fuels and toward renewable sources.

This will require investment into research and development for new technologies as well as incentives for new companies entering the sector. Businesses must also contribute by choosing renewable power whenever possible or committing to producing clean energy from their own premises.

If these steps are taken, then we can all work together toward creating a more sustainable future through the use of renewable energy sources. Investment today will lead to a cleaner tomorrow!

You can help by making small changes in your own life, like switching to LED lights

There are so many ways to help protect our environment from the damage caused by climate change, but the truth is that the most effective actions come from taking small steps in our own lives. Thankfully, making small changes can have a big impact – it all starts with reducing our carbon footprints.

One of the simplest and most effective changes you can make is switching your traditional lightbulbs to LED lights. LEDs use at least 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and last 25 times longer, so they can save you money on your bills while helping to put less energy into the atmosphere.

On top of this, LED lights provide a bright and even light that can be easily controlled with a dimmer switch. By making this one simple change in your home, you will be helping both your budget and the environment – not bad for just one small step! So do your part and make sure to switch to LED lighting today!

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